Chapter 7: Awakening

Chapter 7: Awakening


Dear Community,

The time has come! The Jianghu has doubled in size as Chapter 8: Uncharted World has arrived. Chapter 8 brings you not only uncharted regions with plenty of adventures and a new survival mode but also a highly customizable housing system as well as a new weapon type, new skills and more!

NOTE: These patch notes are the product of our testing and information gathering, they may not be perfect and not all new features or functions may be documented here, as it's only human to miss a few things. We hope you enjoy making some new discoveries of your own, and let's hope they're positive discoveries!


Chapter 8 - Patch Notes


Find out more about our newest features with Chapter 8, combined in useful guides, which provide you an overview of the most important things you need to know to get started in the Jianghu with Chapter 8: Uncharted World!

Click the links below to go to our feature spotlights!

New World Spotlight: New areas, housing system and survival system
New Regions Spotlight: A Xia's Guide to the New World
Forbidden Areas Spotlight : Explore the hidden mysteries!
Housing Spotlight: Guide to the new Housing System




Enter the New World via an Inn or from the comfort of your own home

Northern Highlands 

  • Oak Summit
  • Sun-Reflecting Tarn
  • Snow Valley
  • Soaring Dragon Mountain

Western Regions

  • Prancing Horse Grassland
  • Gaochang Wasteland
  • Loulan Ghostland
  • Vast Sky Dessert


Forbidden Areas

Northern Highlands:

  • Ancient Tomb Cave 
  • Mystery Water Palace 
  • Nameless Mountain Cave 
Western Region
  • Gold Centipede Cave
  • Loulan Secret Cavern 
  • Stone Forest Cave 


Choose your individual story line 

  • Intrigue and Strife in the Northern Highlands
  • Treasure Hunting in the Western Regions

Dual gameplay: Old World and New World


The New World is a treacherous place!

  • New character stats - physical attributes for Constitution, Hunger, Thirst, Body Temperature which increase/ decrease over time. 
  • New items to ensure survival: Torch, Water Pouch, Ice Pack, Winter Clothing
  • New Loot Rules: players killed in the New World will drop items and pieces of equipment
  • Set up a Campsite
  • Build a campfire 
  • Setting Traps can stun players
  • Flags can remove Traps and monitor the nearby area
  • Pets can be used to scout ahead
  • Gather new resources to craft items needed in the New World



  • VIP
  • First Internal Skill Level 30
  • Building Order
  • Physical Strength 
  • Materials

How to obtain a house: build one / buy one 

House stylesHut, Log Cabin, Brick House, Stone House, Guild Disciple House, Cave

Maintenance: Ask a friend to sweep or hire an NPC 

House attributes: Durability (decreases over time if the house is not maintained), Magnificence

UsesOffers entries to the nearby New World, furniture offers useful buffs

Social interaction: Invite friends to clean the house (improves durability and offers a skill)

Break and enter by picking the lock and vandalise a house (decreases durability)



Roam the New World and get priceless rewards

New combat skills (click here for a preview)

  • Holy Fire Order Secret 
  • For Females Only
  • Secret of Kuntian Blade
  • Full Moon Scimitar
  • Golden Deer Blade
  • Sinister Axe of the Dragon
  • Martial Prodigy's Swordsmanship
  • Sea of Blood Demon Blade Record
  • Guxi Sting Secret 

New weapon type 
  • Dual Axes


New outfits (Click here for a preview)

  • Love Affair Garment
  • Western region Xia Suit
  • Lianfang Travelling Merchant Suit
  • Lady and Gentleman Suit
  • Western Region Ambitious Hero Suit
  • Desert Ghost Town Suit
  • Tianluo Cult Member Suit
  • Quici Clan Suit

 What are you waiting for? Head in game and enjoy the new expansion!

Best regards,

Your Age of Wulin Team