Chapter 7: Awakening

Chapter 7: Awakening

Dear Age of Wulin Community,

Get your backpack ready, store all your valuables in the safe and entrust a good friend to house-sit while you're away... the Uncharted Territories await. Enter at your own peril! 

Upon entering the New World and setting up camp, listen carefully to the NPC Jianghu Guide, who will offer a short Tutorial and introduce you to the written Guide of the New Jianghu


 1. Test your survival skills

What will it be? The cold and desolace of the Northern Region or the scorching heat of the Western Region and a desert full of treasures?

In these remote and distant lands, your survival skills will be put to the ultimate test. Be equipped with new items for freezing temperatures and midsummer heat, learn how to build a campfire to cook your food or keep the beasts at bay. Be wary of traps - use your pets to scout ahead. 

This plant can be useful in the Northern Region.

Remember when we told you to leave your valuables in the Old World? There is a very good reason for that: New World, new loot rules. In other words, if your characters dies in the New World due to environmental issues, there is a chance of dropping unequipped gear.

Should your character lose a fight with another player, you will drop your backpack which can be looted. But wait, it gets even better: being killed by a Blood Feud will cause your equipped armor and weapons to drop. The drop rate of these items is determined by the extent of your hatred towards each other, as well as the proficiency of your equipment. 


2. How to access the New World

You can access the new lands via two different methods: either by going to the Jianghu Inn in Yanjing (for Northern Region) or Louyang (Western Region). Should you be the proud owner of a house, you have unlimited access to the region closest to it. If you chose to use an Inn, you will only be able to access the chosen region for a limited number of times. 



3. What's in it for me?


Well, there's something for everyone: new areas to roam around for the Explorer, plenty of quests for the Adventurer, new resources for the skilled Gatherer and probably not too many places to hide for those running away from their foes. 

Follow your pets to the nearest NPC and listen carefully to their story for it might contain a clue to the next steps of your adventure. The new mini-games will prove to be quite challenging in requiring multitasking, fine motor skills as well as wits.  

Wanna play catch? Keep an eye out for the Captor and get assignements to catch some NPC villains.


Uncovering the Map offers you Roaming Value points, which can be exchanged for Treasure Chests in the Jianghu Exploration Interface

Be wary of your foes! Remember that being killed in the New World means loosing nearly all your valuables!


Roam the New World at your leisure but remember to keep an eye on your new Status bar for changes in your character's Stamina, Hunger, Thirst and Body Tempertature. Any significant changes will affect your character's health and his ability to fight. 

Getting too hungry? Well, meat is always in supply, as you can be attacked by packs of wolves at night, if you don't set up a Campfire. Did you manage to survive the wolves and made the campfire? Have a barbeque! Roast the meat on the open fire for a better effect. Tired of wolf meat? Potatoes, Barley or Corn can be gathered in the New World and can clear Hunger too. 


Getting too cold, too warm or sick? Use Winter Coats, Ice Packs or Medicine to restore your character's health. Resources can be gathered in the New World to manufacture items needed for survival, such as Water Pouches, Ice Packs, Winter Coats or Medicine.

Beware of Traps! Getting caught in a Trap renders you unable to move for a certain time. One way to avoid getting trapped is to send your pet ahead to scout for them.  If your pet happens to find a trap, you can remove it by using a Flag. Both Flags and Traps can be manufactured by the Craftsman.


Good luck out there and take care of yourself, brave Xia!