Chapter 7: Awakening

Chapter 7: Awakening

Dear Age of Wulin Community, 

With New Lands come New Secret Areas, which are lore-based exploration dungeons. You are asking what that is? Well, if you're brave Xia, follow and complete your chosen questline, you will be granted access to the Secret Areas. Alternatively, you can always try and hunt down the White Wolf for the "Secret Land Scroll", the key to the entrance. 

The Secret Areas can be found in the Northern Regions (Nameless Cave, Divine Water Palace, Ancient Tomb) and Western Regions (Stone Forest Cave, Gold Centipede Cave, Loulan Treasury). Your adventure has many possible outcomes. What happens is all up to you.

And as these are indeed Secret Areas, we didn't want to spoil the surprise so here it goes: 


Ancient Tomb

In a remote, wintry refuge of Snowy Valley, the heat of passion leads to death and calamity. Lu Wuming, loved by both Yang Chirui and her disciple Li Yanshuang, is found slain at the entrance of the Ancient Tomb.
Solve the mystery, or the Ancient Tomb may well live up to its name for you...but beware, your fate can change with every decision you make.




Divine Water Palace
Secluded above the heights of Snowy Mountain, the Divine Water Palace is where one hides, and rediscovers,
dark secrets from a distant memory. Learn why Lord Qin, Tian Xi, Kong Ming and others are drawn to this beautiful yet dangerous place.



Nameless Cave

They called him the Pervert, with good reason. In a cave with no name, the lecherous villain hides from the law with his legion of animated puppets. Why has the fugitive Tian Xi come to this place, well aware of its peril?




Gold Centipede Cave
In this cave, deep in the vast desert of the Western Regions, Bai Feifei bides her time to seek vengeance against Lei Xingkong,
lord of the Desert Ghost Town. Here, you may uncover the secret of a legendary medicine known as the Thousand-Year Flesh Buddha.



Loulan Treasury
The fabulous Loulan Treasury has long been the stuff of legends. Rumors of its discovery have drawn a motley crew of factions from every corner the empire. To find it, and to survive the uncanny traps that have protected it over the ages, you must befriend the other factions. Will you side with forces of good, evil, or somewhere in between? The choice is yours!




Stone Forest Cave: 3 Guardians 
Love isn't easy, certainly not between Lei Xingkong, the powerful and ambitious lord of the Desert Ghost Town, and Shi Guanyin, the devious, agelessly-beautiful mistress of Stone Forest Cave. Now that they both covet the legendary jewels known as the Desert Stars, let the drama unfold!


 What are you waiting for? Enter the Secret Areas, defeat the Guardians and claim your right to fame and riches!


Best wishes,

Your Age of Wulin Team