Chapter 7: Awakening

Chapter 7: Awakening

Dear Age of Wulin Community,

A complete and elaborate

Housing System 


has made its way into Age of Wulin! For the first time in the history of the Jianghu, you will be able to claim your very own parcel of land, build a house and customize it to your every whim! Get ready to choose the style and the size of your house to fit with your personality and needs!

Over 100 different pieces of furniture allow you and your friends to get powerful buffs and prepare you for your new adventures. A brand new range of interaction is also available within the Housing System: protect your friends' houses or vandalize them and pay the consequences!


1. Requirements:

In order to own a house, your character will have to meet certain requirements: 

- Be a VIP

- The First Internal Skill has to reach Level 30

- You need to have the item Building Order, enough Physical Strength and Materials 

Once you have reached the minimum skills required, you will receive a system mail informing you that it's the right time to set up a Home, along with the name of the NPC and the coordinates.

2. How to 

There are two ways to own a house: either by spending unbound currency to buy it, or by building it with your own two hands (and a few mouse clicks) using Materials and Items (such as the Ming Dynasty Residential Order) obtained from completing missions and Forbidden Areas. 

Once you have made your choice, go visit the following NPC's in Yanjing (321, 33) 

  • Build a house: NPC Housing Officer (Ming Dynasty Official)
  • Buy a house: NPC Housing Merchant

After obtaining the Building Order look up the map for the preferred region and go find the respective doorplate. Once there, you are only a few clicks away from entering your own home. 

Houses come in different shapes and styles. You can choose between a Hut, Log Cabin, Brick House, Stone House or Mountain Cave. The Guild Disciple House is a special type of home, reserved for those winning Guild Battle Awards. 

All houses can be upgraded; this requires a mininum amount of Physical Strength and Magnificence (the combined value of the Home and the Furnishings). As long as the expansion limit of a house hasn't been exceeded, it can be enlarged and furnished to your liking. 

Using the furniture in your home can offer useful buffs, which can also be gained if pieces of furniture are placed according to Feng Shui principles. 

You don't have the time to farm for materials or the mood to decorate your home? Well, you can always purchase a readily furnished home from another player via auction. Once the home is consigned, all the furniture items in that home are locked and cannot be removed. If the home is not sold in the set timeframe, it will be removed from the market.

3. Location

There are only a limited amount of house slots available; you can find these in Yanjing, Jiming Posthouse, Royal Guards, Luoyang, Shaolin and Wudang. A player can only own one house at a time. 

Be smart about the location of your house: once your house is built, you can enter the neighboring New Land through a Door (Western Region or Northern Region) without a time limit. Should you wish to go the other way, you will need to use an Inn and be bound to time limits.

4. Furnishing your House

Once your house is established, it's time to add some furniture. In order to make furniture, you need some Materials and Recipes. Materials can be gathered, while Recipes can be obtained from the NPC Servant (can be hired in your house) or from the Housing Officer in Yanjing. 

Now, simply open the "Furniture Workshop" interface from the "Function Mode" inside your House, and check what's available for the level of your House. All Houses start out as Level 1; each furniture item adds a different amount of Luxury Points once it's placed in the House. 

Have you found what you were looking for? Click on the "Create" button to craft! The item will appear in the inventory of your character. Right-click to use it and store it in the Home Warehouse; this will make it bound. To place it use the function "Placement Mode".

Tired of that old bench? Withdraw it or destroy it by right-clicking the icon. Need to clear away all kinds of sickness? Take a bath!

One particularly useful piece of furniture is the Martial Arts Bookshelf.

While travelling in the New World you will come across many valuable scripts and fragments. If you want to use them, you need to build a Martial Arts Bookshelf and place it in your home. Once the Bookshelf is built, store the new scripts in it. If you want to use the skills, you will need to rent them using an Ancient Copper Coin; the rented skills will be found in you Martial Arts Skill Book.

If you wish to collect the scripts back into your inventory, you need to destroy the bookshelf. 

Apart from plenty of courage, a field trip in the New World requires a new backpack! Pack plenty of food, water and other useful items before you go through those doors. 


5. NPC's

You can hire three different types of NPC's for your house: the Servant Girl to clean your house, the Entertainer to provide you and your guests with, well, entertainment and the Servant, who provides you with different services, such as a shopping. 


6. Maintaining your House

A well maintained home is not only pretty but useful too. While you're away, you can grant your friends permission to enter and sweep. Sweeping restores the durability of the house and offers your friend a time limited free skill for helping out.

You can only enter another home if you have been invited by the homeowner. However, there is a way to enter a home uninvited; in this case you have to pick the lock. Once you're inside, you can vandalise the house, which will decrease it's durability.


Ah yes, did we mention that you can be caught by the homeowner? Beware, unless you wish to suffer really long debuffs, such as "Sunflower Vital-Point Strike" or "Eradication". 

7. House attributes 

Durability: This depends on the style and level of your house. Durability decreases over time and must be maintained by the owner. When a house has been neglected for a while and the Durability reaches 0, the house is demolished and cannot be renovated any more. 

Magnificence: represents the combined value of the home and the furnishings. All Houses start out as level 1: adding furniture increases the Luxury Degree. The higher the Luxury Level, the better quality furniture can be added. 

We certainly hope that we didn't throw too much your way! Go out, young Xias, and earn your first House (and maybe invite us to the housewarming party)!

Best wishes,

Your Age of Wulin Team