Chapter 7: Awakening

Chapter 7: Awakening


With Chapter 7: Awakening bringing new Fifth Internal Skills to unlock, the Xias of the Jianghu will all benefit from an unprecedented boost!

Once the unlock event is completed, the gates of your inner strength will be opened, allowing new limits to be reached and records to be broken! Discover the new level caps and how to achieve them via the menus below:

Sect Skill Cap Increased to Level 11


The maximum level of regular Sect Skills has been increased to 11. For more information on how to increase your skill limit, which items you need and where to get them, click the button below.


Advanced Sect Skill Cap Increased to Level 8

Advanced Sect Skills can now be cultivated to level 8. For more information, click the button below!


Faction Skill Cap Increase

Faction Skills can be levelled to 9, 10 or 11, depending on your Faction, after completing the Chapter 7 unlock event.

Vagrants Skill Cap Increase

For those of you who learned the arts of Kung Fu while not bound to Sects or Factions, the level cap of all Vagrant Skill Sets has been increased to 10.

Gold Skill Sets Cap Increase

Every Skill Set currently available in our in-game shop for 99 Gold can now be levelled to 10. The only exception is Demon Soul-Chasing Sabre, which can be levelled to 11.


Instance Skill Sets Cap Increase

Skill Sets acquired through instances also received an increased level cap. With a few exceptions, they can now be levelled to 10.

Battlefield Skill Sets Cap Increase

Dragon Breath Sword (Lingxiao City) and Floating Cloud Sword Technique (Youyun Sixteen Prefectures) cap increased to 10.


Ladder to Heavens Skill Set Cap Increase

Golden Snake Sword can be levelled to 10. Items required for this can be exchanged for Ladder to Heavens Points with the Ladder to Heavens Exchange Clerk (Suzhou 411,745).

Couple Skill Sets Cap Increase

The following Couple Skill Sets received a level cap increase.

  • Seductive Stare Sword (Level 6)
  • Wife Skill Set (Level 10)
  • Husband Skill Set (Level 10)

Other Skills Cap Increase

The following Skill Sets can be cultivated to level 10.

Skill Set Required Item Obtain Method
Wild Ball Fist Wild Ball Fist Fragmented Script Random Encounter
Dragon Claw (Ancient Manual) Daughter's Red Wine Random Encounter
Tai Chi Fist (Ancient Manual) Demon-Eating Powder Random Encounter
Dog Beating Staff Technique (Ancient Manual) Beggar's Chicken Random Encounter
Ghost Shadow Sword Technique Ghost Shadow Sword Technique Fragmented Script Ladder to Heavens
Canhe Finger (To be confirmed) Canhe Finger Fragmented Script (To be confirmed) Random Encounter

We hope you’re as excited as we are with the announcement of these new level caps! We look forward to seeing you, even stronger than ever, on the 25th of August!

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