Chapter 7: Awakening

Chapter 7: Awakening

Below you will find information on each of the 8 Great Sects' Fifth Internal Skills, this information comes from a pre-release source, and all information references the skill at level 49, the maximum level.



Marrow-Cleansing Manual

Marrow-Cleansing Manual: When attacking, there is a chance to increase your critical hit rate by 2% and critical hit damage by 4%, lasting 40 seconds, up to 6 stacks.
Marrow-Cleansing Recovery: When hit, has a chance to recover your HP and remove most debuffs and be immune to these effects temporarily.



Heaven-reliant Dragon-slaying Skill

Dominating Dragon-slaying Sabre: When attacking, has a chance to increase the player's Move damages by 30% and increase Ignore Parry by 25%, lasting 15 seconds.
Who would dare to contend against Heavenly Sword?
: When attacked, has a chance to increase the player's Immune to damage by 30% and recover HP continuously in some time, lasting 15 seconds.
Leader of the Wulin:
Heaven-reliant and Dragon-slaying can be triggered for a certain time.


Mahayana Skill

Nirvana Land: When attacking or attacked, you can gain a shield. The shield absorbs damage, deals Yang Damage continuously to the surrounding enemies and reduces the target's internal skill defense, lasting 10 seconds. No matter how the shield disappears, it will deal an explosive damage that can reduce the affected targets' Attack by 30%, lasting 10 seconds.


Beggars' Sect

Dragon-Catching Skill

Dragon out of Water: Increases your attack.
Dragon-catching Skill: When attacking, get a chance to increase critical hit rate and deal an additional Splash damage which can reduce the target's movement speed by 40%.
General's Order: Trigger Dragon-catching Skill that prevents the affected targets from usingLightness skill for 3 seconds.

Tang Clan

Meridian Extreme Yin and Soft Skill

Extreme Soft and Cold Poison: When attacking, has a chance to poison the target, lasting 30 seconds, up to 5 stacks. Poison effect:  Every time the target uses skills or Lightness skill, he/she will lose HP continuously, lasting for 30 seconds, up to 4 stacks.
Extremely Yin and Wet Poison:When Extreme Soft and Cold Poison refreshes, seal the enemy's move for 3 seconds


Scholar's Academy

Ninth Heaven Phoenix Dance Immortal Skill

Phoenix Dancing and Singing: When attacking or attacked, has a chance to increase your attack by 33% and Immune to damage by 22%, lasting 20 seconds.
Phoenix Dancing in the Sky:When Phoenix Dancing and Singing is triggered, it deals an additional damage in the Aerial Attack.  In some time, it is immune to Knock Away, Knocked down, Knock Back once and gains Yellow Super Armour temporarily


Royal Guards

Hell Soul Exchange Classics

Possessed by the Ghost:When hit, has a  chance to be immune to all damages for 3 seconds; When attacking, has a chance to increase your attack by 40% and your critical hit rate greatly for 3 seconds


Blissful Valley

Shadow Beating Skill

Wind-blown Bloodshed: Each attack has a chance to make the target bleed continuously, lasting 10 seconds.
Shadow-catching Bloodthirst:When attacking the target with the effect of Wind-blown Bloodshed, absorb the target's HP. (It can be triggered once every 0.5 second at most.) It can also increase your critical hit rate by 6% for some time


With less than two weeks to go until this great power is upon us, which Fifth Internal Skill will you choose? Discuss it on the forum!