Chapter 5: Heaven's Ascent

Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers!

Never again will you be forever alone with this new feature coming with Chapter 6: Blood and Flowers! With this new system of partnership coming to the Jianghu, you can reap many benefits from establishing a strong bond with another player's offline counterpart.

Partner System


Partner: Battle Benefits

As a benefit of your friendship, you can learn all Combat and Internal Skills that your Partner has already acquired. Combat Skills you learn, and Cultivation Points you gain on behalf of your Partnerwill be displayed on their Martial Arts interface online after you go offline, and your Partner comes online.

Your Partner can use all Internal Skills with the exception of Sunflower Manual and Qi Drain.

As you adventure with your dear Partner, you will steadily obtain Red Beans, which can be used to buy a variety of buff pills, costumes, and even a special Partner skill set!


  • Combat Skills available to your Partner: Sect Skills and Advanced Sect Skills.
  • Equipment Effect: You cannot change the Equipment of your partner. Your partner can benefit from the Defence Effect and Attribute Increase of your equipment only but cannot inherit the Special Effects, Outfit Effects, Weapon Damage or Weapon Special Effects.
  • When you are in a Partnership, you cannot betray, go down the mountain or leave in disguise.


Charisma and Coordination

Charisma: Players have to consume Charisma to summon their companion. The amount of Charisma consumed is proportional to the amount of time spent in battle. When players are online and do not summon the Partner, Charisma will recover by itself. Charisma will reset and replenish at 00:00 every day. 

Charisma Level: Charisma Level determines the level of the character that you can establish Partner relationship with, your max Charisma and combat ability consume Charisma to upgrade Charisma Level. Additional Charisma points can be obtained through successful completion of Faction Challenges, completing some daily tasks from an NPC in Suzhou, or escorting while in the same group as your companion, when both are online.

Upgrading Charisma will offer new titles and new interactive actions.

Establish Relationship

 Once you select an offline player, you can attempt to win the player’s companionship. During your battle of Possession of Six desires, there is a probability of meeting a weaker enemy.

You have three opportunities to establish a relationship every day. Once you succeed, you will be presented with a loving dialogue between the two characters, after which you can confirm your choice of partnership.

After every failed attempts, you will have to wait for 1 hour before your next attempt.


When you spot players you like, who happen to be offline, you can click the Associate button in the drop-down menu beneath the player’s avatar to attempt to establish a relationship.

 If you don’t want to be selected by others for a Relationship while you are offline, you can click the Offline Relationship button at the bottom of the interface and select Quit Offline Relationship.


If you think this method is too complicated, you can form a companionship with online players by purchasing Items from the Shop. (There are 3 Gift bags corresponding to different genders. Soap Gift Bag for males with male companionship; Multi-Stem Lotus Gift Bag for females with female; Jade with one Heart Gift Bag for companions of opposite genders.



Dry Kindling Fuels the Flame Palm

Heart of Desire

A fiery punch that applies Longing Heart to your target (Slowed for 1 second)

Anxious and Eager
Parry break move; If successful, your target is disarmed for 1 second.

Rambunctious Deer
Defensive posture, which can grant you two stacks (maximum) of Fawn state: each stack reduces damage taken by 8%. Any full attack received removes a stack of Fawn.


Whimsical Monkey
Strategic repositioning skill. Swap places with your partner and boost him (consumes 10% Internal Power and HP). Confers a state of Mental Bond (for every attack suffered, you have a chance to apply Slowed to your assailant.)

Hunger and Thirst

Unleash your passion, charge your target and hit three times quickly, dealing Softness damage..

Dry Kindling Fuels the Flame
Enter an incandescent trance, 5 quick hits that repel nearby enemies and applies Blazing Fire (After 4 seconds without having been attacked, your target suffers damage and is Slowed). This attack can trigger Yellow Super Armour.

Flames of Desire
Rage move; A spectacular attack of 7 acrobatic punches (Softness damage) that hit your target from all angles.



Canceling Partnership

In order to dissolve your relationship with Partner, you need to pay money to your partner. The amount is based on the volume of money your Partner has spent on you.