Chapter 5: Heaven's Ascent

Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers!

The Jianghu is a treacherous place, where nothing is at it seems. Fame, fortune and friends are easy to come by but very difficult to keep. Even the mightiest Xia can be betrayed by a friend and defeated when he thought he was safe. Beware mighty Xias, of the path you choose on your way to fame and fortune. It may be the ultimate adventure or it may turn out as the ultimate defeat when you decide join the battle for...

 Lingxiao City 

Far away from the plains, forests and desserts of the known lands lies a low populated region. The land of Tian Lake and Tian Mountain is nestled up high in the mountains, where the freezing temperatures aim to keep everyone in. This is where the city of Lingxiao can be found, run by Elder Wang Yue, who seeks to expand his control over the whole region. 

However Wang Yue's thirst for power has not gone unnoticed as there are three tribes opposing him:

  • The Snow Valley people, who will stop at nothing to fight his growing powers; they suspect that Wang Yue is the mastermind behind a great conspiracy against them. 
  • The Blood Blade Clan, a group of ruthless warrior monks who refuses outside domination. 
  • The Valley of Frozen Souls is a band of hermit wizards, who should not be underestimated.

1. When can I join?

Lingxiao City is available from 18:00 - 20:00 server time on Friday and Sunday.  Once you meet the requirements, you can sign up as a single player or as a team from the My Battle tab under Pointing the sword to Nine Continents

2. Requirements:

  • Strength level Incomparable or higher. 
  • Yunxiao Order can be exchanged from the Point Exchange Interface for 10 Expert Points. 

3. How does it work

The event starts when a certain number of players is reached 80 players who sign up for this extraordinary adventure will be randomly placed in one of four teams: as defender of Lingxiao City or as members of the three opposing tribes. The players will also receive special outfits to fit the group they are part of.

Before the actual battle, each group must complete several tasks, such as: 

  • Gather specific resources for the team
  • Recuit NPC's as allies
  • Rescue hostages from opposite camps
  • Gather information through spying

The ultimate goal will be for the players of Lingxiao City to hold out and defend the city, while being attacked by the other tribes. However, the the Snow Valley people, the Blood Blade Clan, and the Valley of Frozen Souls will not be working together, as each of them will fight with the others for resources and the chance of defeating Wang Yue. 

4. Special feature

The most interesting feature of this event is however, a new spying system, where players can go as planted agents (undercover spies). They will try to slow down the tribes they infiltrated by all means: poisoning, sabotage, intimidation and even bribery. But beware: being outed as a spy comes with a price!

5. Rewards

When the battle is over, each team will receive points; the highest ranking team gets the best rewards and the lowest ranking team will leave the battlefield empty handed. 

The special skill set of Lingxiao City is the Dragon Breath Sword, which can be exchanged by all players for Lingxiao City Experience Certificates with the following NPC's: 

   Xiahou Yangming in Yanjing (408, 216)
   Duan Muxiong in Suzhou (505, 627)
   Gongyang Zhengxin in Jinling (1299, 1726)
   Fan Chong in Luoyang (1063, 710)

You can also exchange certificates for other items, such as Snow Lotus Fruit of Tianshan Mountain, Gold Thread and Mysterious Jade Powder and special time-limited suits. 

The rules can also be found in Bai Xiao's Guide, Lingxiao City and under "Pointing the swords to Nine Continents" in the "My Battle" tab.  

Will you be brave enough to fight in the battle of Lingxiao?