Chapter 5: Heaven's Ascent

Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers!

The few who survived the challenges of the Silver Hook Sword Boat and who still want to venture for greater rewards may do so in the new Forbidden Area, the dreadful:

Island of Delight

Who shall pass?

In order to set foot on the Island, you will need to have previously defeated all the enemies from the Silver Hook Sword Boat, have a character who has reached Level 3 Internal Skill at level 30 or above, and be in possession of a Delightful Island Gold Token, Delightful Island Silver Token or the Happiness and Longevity item  (should you fail to have it in your backpack, you will be teleported out of the instance).

The currents will only allow you to coast the Island twice per day at specific times: at 10:00-14:00, and at 18:00-24:00.

If you meet all the requirements, you can then talk to Ai Fengliu (Yanyu Villa 412,771) to enter Island of Delight. Upon entering the Island, someone at the Delightful Spring will put a mask on the player.

Ghost Shadow Sword Technique

(Ancient Manual)

Eight Tactics within the Well
 (Single Sabre)

Exquisite Dice
(Concealed Weapon)