Chapter 5: Heaven's Ascent

Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers!

Flower Prince

At last, the Shifting Flower Palace has decided to allow males within it's boundaries. However, this comes with a price: only the worthiest of all can become the Flower Prince and join the female Xias in their Palace for a full month. And what better way to find the worthiest than through a contest!

Each month a few hand-picked Xias, who meet certain requirements will receive the invitation to join the battle for the title of the Flower Prince. 

  • Must be unmarried
  • Strength: Incomparable or higher
  • Moral alignement: Lunatic
  • Has never learned Seven Moves to Expel Emotion
  • Has not been castrated. 


How it works: 

1. Invitations
On the 14th of each month Shifting Flowers Palace will send out invitations to those deemed worthy, such as

  • The Top Musician, Chess player, Painter, Scholar
  • The top three of global Internal Skill rankings
  • The top three of global Internal Skill cultivation rankings
  • The top three of global martial arts cultivation ranking
  • The top three of global meridians level ranking

In order to participate in the competition, the invited players may purchase   an Imperial Master Order - Flower Prince from NPC Qing Xue in Suzhou (312, 566). The item can be bought from the 14th to the 15th of each month. Even those who received the invitations still need to meet the above requirements to buy the Order. 


The competition for the Flower Prince will start on the 16th of each month and players can use the order to join. However, if there are less than 4 players, the competition will be cancelled and there will be no refund for the currency spent on buying the Imperial Master Orders. 

2. Bidding for the title
Players who meet requirements but haven't received the Imperial Master Order - Flower Prince or Dark Jade Plum - Flower Prince can bid for a chance to become the Flower Prince. The bidding is held at 20:00 on the 15th of each month in Suzhou. At the end of the bidding event, every participant will receive a reward. 


3. Be a spectator
The competition will be held in the Shifting Flower Palace, in a designated area. 

 In order to watch the competition, players need to buy  Dark Jade Plum- Flower Prince from NPC Qing Xue in Suzhou (312, 566), however the number of these items is limited and they can be purchased from the 14th to the 16th of each monthIf a spectator leaves the Spectatory area, he will be kicked out of the Palace; if you get kicked out by accident, you can use Dark Jade Plum - Flower Prince to return.

At the end of the competition, each spectator will receive a reward. Members of Shifting Flower Palace do not need a token to watch the event. 


4. Competition rules
The competition for the Flower Prince title consists of several battles, such as: 

  • The Silk Ball Battle where contestans will each receive effects from two silk balls; if an opponent is defeated by a silk ball effect, he loses a silk ball to the winner. If a player has no silk balls left, he will be eliminated. 
  • Battle of the Arts
  • Martial Arts Contest

5. Bidding for Silk Balls
Contestants can choose which balls will enter the contest first; the remaining balls will be available for bidding, 
by clicking on the "Bid" button at the lower left corner of the minimap. The player who buys the most Silk Balls will have a chance to become the Flower Prince. 

Spectators cannot bid, but they can check the bidding status by clicking on the "Bid" button.

6. Flower Prince
The winner of the competition will receive access to Shifting Flower Palace, an exclusive title and outfit, as well as special skills: Golden Jade Skill and the first Chapters of Seven Moves of the Flower God (Flower Prince). The next chapters can be obtained by completing daily missions in the Shifting Flower Palace or by exchanging tokens. 

All the information regarding the competition can be found in-game as well, under "Flower Prince" which can be accessed from the "My Jianghu" interface. 

Well, mighty Xia ... do you have what it takes to be the Flower Prince?