Chapter 5: Heaven's Ascent

Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers!

Women, money, power. Three ever-sought after things by the people of the Jianghu, now attainable in our brand new Forbidden Instance:

Silver Hook Sword Boat!

Earn your entry fee by gaining Expert Points, and exchanging them for the Silver Treasure Chest. Opening the Silver Treasure Chest will give you the Silver Hook Sword Order, directing you to a hidden boat in Yanyu Villa. Entering a mysterious coffin will prompt the boat to allow you passage out to see, and entry to the Silver Hook Sword Boat, where murder, mystery and money reign supreme.

Entering the Silver Hook Sword Boat

Access to the Silver Hook Sword Boat is available to players of the Strength Unrivalled or higher, though a Strength of Shock the World or higher is recommended. A maximum of 6 players can enter the instance in one group, and amongst other tasks, a total of 6 bosses must be defeated to complete the instance.

Though linked with the more lucrative Island of Delight, Silver Hook Sword Boat's primary benefit is in the Exquisite Dice Concealed Weapon skill set, obtained through exchange of items gained from defeating boss on the treacherous boat.

For more information, you can always check the Forbidden Area menu in-game.