Chapter 5: Heaven's Ascent

Chapter 6: Blood & Flowers!

Dear Wulin,

Since the introduction of Class-05 equipment that came with Chapter 2: Immortal Legends, the people of the Jianghu have enjoyed a new level of power. However, it has been almost a year since then, and as we approach new challenges like Yanmen Pass' Rebel Army Route, we fear that Class-05 equipment is not quite enough anymore. This leads us to our next feature spotlight for Chapter 5 - Class-06 equipment!

What is Class-06 Equipment?

There are five varieties of Class-06 equipment, meaning there are five different ways to either upgrade your current gear to Class-06, or obtain fresh new Class-06 items. They are as follows:




Please note that while we only show one Life Skill outfit here, there are a total of five variations as per usual. The final two methods of getting your Class-06 gear are somewhat the same; you can receive upgrade items for your Gold equipment directly from your Sect or Faction. Here's a quick look at what each Sect/Faction's gear looks like, you can click on the images to open a larger version.

8 Great Sects


Class-06 equipment also extends to all types of jewellery and weapons, including the recent additions of Thimble, Flute and Ruler!

How do I get it?

Obtaining Class-06 equipment is different and more difficult than standard upgrading. In order to turn your Class-05 Gold or Jade gear into Class-06, you need unforged (weapons), untailored (clothing) and uncarved (jewellery) items. Methods for obtaining these items can vary, and they are as follows.

Life Skill

In order to upgrade standard Life Skill-crafted equipment to Class-06, you will need to exchange items at Fang Pingting (Yanjing 1625,863):

Weapons Clothing Jewellery
Bent Weapon

Bloodstained Armour

Buried Accessory
Damaged Weapon
Broken Armour
Crude Accessory

Each of the necessary exchange items can be obtained either from Yanmen Pass or by trade at Zhou Yixian (Suzhou 319, 732), who takes large quantities of Pure Yang Swords in exchange.

At Fang Pingting, you can exchange your parts for the Gold or Jade Class-06 upgrading material, known as Raw Jade Equipment, of your desire! You can even see what the additional effects of the item will be before you buy the Raw Jade Equipment, though the stats will not show.

Each trade will cost you one of the exchange items above, relevant to the type of Raw Jade Equipment you want.

Additionally, you can get Raw Jade Equipment drops directly in select Forbidden Instances!

Battlefield/Battlefield Master

Those who prove themselves in the Battlefield can receive special Raw Jade Equipment, or even Class-06 items directly, as spoils of war. Visit the Battlefield Equipment Merchant and Battlefield Master in Suzhou (537, 436) to inspect their wares.

At the Battlefield Equipment Merchant, you can use Battlefield Credits to exchange for Battlefield Honour Certificate (Level 6), these items are limited to 2,000 every 24 hours and can only be purchased 10 at a time. You can then exchange these certificates for Gold Raw Jade Equipment, specifically designed to be used to upgrade Gold Class-05 equipment purchased from same NPC.

At the next NPC, you'll notice a new feature coming with Chapter 5, the Battlefield Master system. Those at the top of the Battlefield Master ranking will receive Battlefield Master Certificate (Level 6), which can be used with Battlefield Honour Certificate (Level 6) to directly exchange for Jade Class-06 equipment.

Peerless Expert

Another method of obtaining Class-06 equipment is through the new Peerless Experts: Devils. Each of the six Devils have a chance to drop Class-03 Gold or Jade equipment, and Raw Jade Equipment for upgrading this gear from Class-05 to Class-06.


Each of the 8 Great Sects and 6 Factions have access to Gold equipment, and are no exception to Class-06 upgrades! You can see how each of them look up above, but as for getting your hands on them, you'll first need to get your Gold Sect/Faction equipment, then upgrade them to Class-05. Once at Class-05, you can exchange at the same NPC again for the necessary Raw Jade Equipment items to reach Class-06.

For your convenience, here is a list of Sect/Faction Gold equipment exchange NPC locations:


826, 401


494, 340


535, 212

Beggars' Sect

560, 360

Tang Clan

1049, -130

Blissful Valley

138, 31

Royal Guards

390, -57

Scholar's Academy

512, 487

Peach Blossom Island

-567, -136

Rootless Clan

47, 335

Beast Villa

556, 920

Xu Family Village

578, 294

Shifting Flower Palace

375, 654

Golden Needle Shen Family

320, 850

I want stats!

Currently, in Chapter 4, you can already view the set effects of every Class-06 equipment piece at Fang Pingting (Yanjing 1625, 893). What you cannot yet see, though, is stats! So here's an overview of base damage, defence etc. of every Class-06 equipment piece coming in Chapter 5: Heaven's Ascent.

Weapons: Jade Weapons: Gold
Weapon Type Base Damage Maximum Enhancement Dmg/Parry Break Base Damage Maximum Enhancement Dmg/Parry Break
Single Sword 31-53 +35/+40 26-44 +29/+35
Twin Swords 33-51 +35/+40 27-44 +29/+35
Single Sabre 27-55 +35/+40 23-46 +29/+35
Twin Sabres 29-54 +35/+40 25-45 +29/+35
Dagger 33-51 +35/+40 27-44 +29/+35
Twin Spikes 34-51 +35/+40 29-42 +29/+35
Staff 29-54 +35/+40 25-45 +29/+35
Short Staff 31-53 +35/+40 26-44 +29/+35
Rope 31-55 +35 26-46 +29
Flute 27-55 +35/+40 23-46 +29/+35
Ruler 27-55 +35/+40 23-46 +29/+35

NOTE: Since its stats don't quite fit with any other types of equipment, we'll just add here that the max Thimble stats are +24 Parry Endurance and +12 attribute & stat bonuses for Jade, and +18 Parry Endurance and +9 attribute & stat bonuses for Gold.

  Equipment: Jade Equipment: Gold
Equip Type Defence Value Max. External Skill Def. Max. Attribute & Stat Bonus Defence Value Max. External Skill Def. Max. Attribute & Stat Bonus
Headwear 135 +36 +30 120 +31 +25
Clothes 135 +36 +30 120 +31 +25
Wrist Guard 135 +36 +30 120 +31 +25
Pants 135 +36 +30 120 +31 +25
Leggings 135 +36 +30 120 +31 +25
Shoes 135 +36 +30 120 +31 +25

  Jewellery: Jade Jewellery: Gold
Jewellery Type Max. Attribute & Stat Bonus Internal Skill Def. Max. Attribute & Stat Bonus Internal Skill Def.
Necklace +25 +9 +19 +7
Earrings +18 +9 +14 +7
Rings +18 +9 +14 +7