Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness

Factions, weather and more!

Weather System 

The Weather System consists of Day and Night Cycles, Weather Effects and Dynamic Events. 

The Day and Night Cycles include special light effects for different times of day: 

  • Morning
  • Noon
  • Dusk
  • Night

The Weather Effects include: 

  • Snow
  • Dust Storm
  • Thunder Storm
  • Light Rain
  • Solar Eclipse

The Dynamic Events offer the possibility to resolve missions while battling the elements. 

Thick Fog - Luoyang
When the fog descends on Luoyang, nearby villains will launch their assault! Defend the city and kill the evil leader for the chance at glory and reward.

Thick Fog - Sect Scenes
Thick fog is a perfect opportunity for assassins to attack your Sect. Protect your fellow Sect members from the invaders and kill the dreaded Assassin Leader to win, but be careful, as he may summon his minions!

Rainstorm - Suzhou

You will hear rumour of the impending storm in your journeys. Rushing to the scene, you will see the chaos that rainstorms in the Jianghu induce! In order to save injured civilians and restore the order, you must defeat the evil cultists and kidnappers taking control of the city, and defeat the evil Zhao Ziji to end it once and for all!

Tornado - Northern Desert
You will hear word of an
impending onslaught of tornadoes about to reach The Northern Desert. Once you arrive, you will also see the information next to your mission tracker. Waves of storms, gradually getting larger, move through the Northern Desert, unveiling once lost treasure chests. Upon entering the scene of destruction and loot, you will be presented with two options: you can save the tragic villagers, or defeat bandits to claim the treasure for your own! The choice is yours.

Solar Eclipse 1 - Jinling
Your local star gazers will forecast the impending solar eclipse. Rebels are gathering at four camps, sending troops to attack the Imperial Palace, which will be defended by the leaders of the Eight Great Sects and their disciples. You have to escort your Sect Leader to each of the camps to defeat the Guardian General; as soon as all the camps are destroyed you will return to Wu Gate and wait for Ling Yunyu. In order to save the Emperor, you have to kill Ling Yunyu before he reaches the Five-Dragon Bridge.

Solar Eclipse 2  - Jinling
When the skies are covered with red clouds, seek out the Eunuch Spy to embark on a dangerous mission! Under disguise, gain the trust of Cao Zhengping, and escort him to the Imperial Temple. As the eclipse reaches its peak, Cao Zhengping will learn of your betrayal, now is the time to strike!