Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness

Factions, weather and more!

Faction Spotlight: Shifting Flower Palace


At the surface, the Shifting Flower Palace is a center of cultural refinement, rivaling the Emei and the Scholars. Its female-only members are well versed in the arts, and immerse themselves in settings of great beauty. Taking a deeper look, however, one will find a disciplined, even vicious, cadre of warrior maidens, sworn to seek revenge from the men who wronged them.

Joining the Shifting Flower Palace

There are two ways to join the Faction: via the main story quests, or via Random Encounter. While the main story quest requires to complete a set of tasks while meeting certain requirement, joining via a Random Encounter is somewhat easier (requirements: a female character with low infamy). 

The main story quest begins in Suzhou, where you have to find the NPC at 404, 980, who will tell you how to reach the Palace of Shifting Flowers. Once there, Ye Lingbing (828,1218) will be your guide. Ask her to let you join the faction and follow the quest line.

In order to receive the Token of Admission for the Shifting Flower Palace, you need to meet the following requirements: 

  • Be a female character.
  • Stay unmarried.
  • Not be divorced.
  • Complete the Tier Four Internal Skill for the Age of Wulin Record.
  • You cannot be a wanted fugitive.
  • You cannot be a constable.
  • You must have 0 Kill points.
  • You must not have killed more than 300 players.
  • Be sober: have 0 intoxication.
  • Dress decently.
  • Reach "Peak of Perfection".
  • You have not yet learned the Heartless Blade.
  • You have not yet learned the Sunflower Manual.


Additional info:

  • Shifting Flower Palace recruiters only allow a maximum of 50 people to enter per day. 
  • If you have killed over 300 players and/or already learned the Sunflower Manual, you can visit Ling Xu in Jinling (1151, 544), where you can follow a quest to gain a special item, allowing you to join the Faction.
  • You have not yet joined one of the eight major Schools. If you have betrayed your current School, or are on leave, then you may also join this faction.

Internal & Combat Skills

As with each Faction of the Jianghu, Shifting Flower Palace has one Internal Skill and one skill set available to its practitioners. All Shifting Flower Palace skills are obtained by following the main quest lines from the Faction itself, and/or by progressing in your Faction Identity. Let's take a closer look at the Internal Skill and Combat Skills of the Shifting Flower Palace:

Internal Skill - Golden Jade Skill

An extraordinary Internal Skill, Golden Jade Skill allows you to counter attacks with speed and subtlety. With this skill, you can dodge incoming attack and recover your strength. When being hit, the special effect offers you 50% chance to increase your dodge rate for the next attack or  for the next several seconds.  This effect comes with a cooldown. Each time you dodge an attack, you recover a certain percentage of your maximum HP. 

Combat Skills - Seven Moves of the Flower God

As gracious and elegant to behold as the Faction members, this is a balanced set of skills featuring both melee and ranged attacks. The set focuses on dodging enemy attacks, while applying crowd control to the enemies as well as damage, which ignores internal and external defences. A true ladies' weapons are her hands and this skill set is the perfect weapon.


Unique Faction Abilities

Maid System

Depending on your status in the Faction: Identity, contibution and affinity with the Faction Leader you may unlock one of the three maids:

Flower Slave

Flower Palace Member

Flower Palace Dancer ("Show girl")

While the Flower Slave and the Flower Palace Member will fight you, the Dancer offers you and your group helpful buffs, such as a 50% higher chance of landing a critical hit for 10 seconds or a chance to have 95% damage reduction for 5 seconds. The buffs are random and are cast every minute.