Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness

Factions, weather and more!

Faction Spotlight: Rootless Clan


The Rootless Clan are a cabal of eunuchs, who amassed vast wealth while serving as tax collectors of the empire. Reviled and feared, they demand all their followers to be castrated. These mass murderers revel in sowing seeds of discord among their enemies.

Joining the Rootless Clan

There are two ways to join the Faction: via the main story quests, or via Random Encounter. The route of Random Encounter requires your character to be male, of an evil alignment, have high Kill Points and be ready to be castrated.

The main story quest begins in Jinling with Shen Xuefei (839, 1532), and you can follow the quest line from there. There are requirements, however, as Factions are typically a bit more difficult to join than the 8 Great Sects.

The entry requirements for the Rootless Clan are:

  • The Fourth Internal Skill must be unlocked on the server
  • You must be currently playing as a Sectless Vagrant
  • You must have a minimum Strength of Despise Everyone
  • You must be a male character who is ready to be castrated
  • You must have cultivated the Sunflower Manual to level 25

Internal & Combat Skills

The fearsome Rootless Clan have one Internal Skill and one skill set available to its lower members, each as frightening as the next! All Rootless Clan skills are obtained by following the main quest lines from the Faction itself, and/or by progressing in your Faction Identity. Let's take a closer look at the Internal Skill and Combat Skills of the mighty Rootless Clan:

Internal Skill - Haze Sky Registry

The Rootless Clan is unwavering in their devotion to castration and the freedom and power that it creates. Haze Sky Registry uses this doctrine to its fullest, as it leeches the very life of enemies struck by the Rootless Clan's blades. While this effect has a cooldown period, those who have mastered the skill have the chance to remove said cooldown and leech once more!

Combat Skills - Evil-Repelling Sword

A powerful, high damage, high speed skill set that increases your attack speed depending on the damage you deal, and the amount of certain stacks you have. Perfect for use with the life-stealing Haze Sky Registry! Evil-Repelling Sword also has some crowd control (stuns) and the ability to remove debuffs from yourself, making you a fast, high damage, self-healing powerhouse!

Rootless Clan Special Events

The brutal eunuchs of the Rootless Clan take no remorse in inflicting their chosen mutilation onto other warriors in the Jianghu. During a special event time, 5 members of the Rootless Clan may start a unique array that can lead to the castration of another player. This player must be male, of full health and have reached a certain Strength. While the victim will be stunned for the duration, other players may intervene and stop the brutality, if they're strong enough!

The Rootless Clan also make use of a unique pet - the Red-Eyed Ice Toad. This special creature helps speed up cultivation and even enhances some skills. The Red-Eyed Ice Toad is only available to the Rootless Clan, and requires a certain amount of Faction Contribution to claim.