Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness

Factions, weather and more!

Faction Spotlight: Peach Blossom Island


For centuries, Peach Blossom Island has been an idyllic retreat for martial art experts. They are here to escape worldly concerns, and to bide their time until their services are needed once again. Trespassers come at their own peril; to arrive at Peach Blossom Island unnannounced is to meet a swift death at the hands of a master.

Joining the Peach Blossom Island

There are two ways to join the Faction: via the main story quests, or via Random Encounter. While the Random Encounter would require you to have a certain proficiency as a Chess Player, Scholar or Painter in order to trigger the quest, the main story is slightly more difficult, though more reliable.

The main story quest begins in Suzhou, at Yao Cheng (795, 750), once there you may follow the quest line to be granted entry to the Peach Blossom Island. There are requirements, however, as Factions are typically a bit more difficult to join than the 8 Great Sects.

The entry requirements for the Peach Blossom Island are:

  • The Fourth Internal Skill must be unlocked on the server
  • You must have 0 Kill Points
  • You must not have killed more than 300 other players
  • You cannot be a eunuch
  • You may not be a part of another Sect or Faction
  • Your moral alignment must be Evil
  • You must have a Cultural Life Skill at a minimum of
    level 4
  • You must have the Divination Life Skill
  • You must have a minimum Strength of Despise Everyone
  • You must have learned a minimum of 3 Arrays
  • You must not have learned the Sunflower Manual

Additional info:

  • Peach Blossom Island recruiters only allow a maximum of 50 people to enter per day
  • If you have killed over 300 players and/or already learned the Sunflower Manual, you can visit Ling Xu in Jinling (1151, 544), where you can follow a quest to gain a special item, allowing you to join the Faction.

Internal & Combat Skills

As with each Faction of the Jianghu, Peach Blossom Island has one Internal Skill and one skill set available to its practitioners, in addition to a few bonus skills. All Peach Blossom Island skills are obtained by following the main quest lines from the Faction itself, and/or by progressing in your Faction Identity. Let's take a closer look at the Internal Skill, Combat Skills and Unique Faction Skills of the Peach Blossom Island:

Internal Skill - Blue Waves Heart Manual

A powerful sound-based Internal Skill, Blue Waves Heart Manual sonically strengthens both your attack and defence at the same time. As a result, your attacks have a chance to inflict additional Softness damage, and when attacked you have a chance to stun your attacker.

Combat Skills - Green Tide In Your Heart

Also sound-based, Green Tide In Your Heart uses the unique Flute weapon, exclusive to the Peach Blossom Island. A sub-weapon of the Single Sword, only the Flute (available from the Faction itself) may bring Green Tide In Your Heart to its full potential, where a Single Sword can only do a maximum of 70% of the full strength of the set.

In summary, this set has a high skill cap, combining uses of various skills in the set for different effects on the Rage Move. Green Tide In Your Heart generally focuses on stuns, applying Yellow Super Armour to the user, causing AoE damage and enhancing the damage done to a target.

Unique Faction Skills

Peach Trees in Full Blossom: This evasive skill is randomly activated when your health is below 30%. It consumes 30% of your Internal Power to damage targets in an 8-meter area of effect. Gain Red Super Armour while gaining movement speed. If you attack an enemy, this skill will be cancelled.

Snapping Fingers: This skill is randomly activated. Target takes damage, loses Rage Points and is knocked into the air.

Peach Blossom Island Masks

Members of the Peach Blossom Island are known as great craftsmen when it comes to creating masks, and as you progress through the ranks of the Faction you will begin to understand and use these masks to their fullest potential.

Some masks can be obtained in the Faction, and some can only be created by players. The effects of these masks vary from enhancing the attack damage of particular skill sets to increasing the rate at which you gain alignment points.