Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness

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Faction Spotlight: Xu Family Village

Located just outside of Chengdu, Xu Family Village is comprised of villagers with a common belief in chivalry. Currently under leadership of Xu Yunzheng, every disciple of Xu Family Village is expertly skilled, leading to Xu Family Village becoming renowned among those in Jianghu for this expertise.

Joining the Xu Family Village

There are two ways to join the Faction: via the main story quests, or via Random Encounter.

The main story quest begins in Chengdu (795, 750), once there you may follow the quest line to be granted entry once you have acquired the token of the family. The condition for receiving the random encounter task is lower than that of the main story.

Players joining via the main story must satisfy the following conditions to receive a token:

  • The Fourth Internal Skill must be unlocked on the server
  • You must have 0 Kill Points
  • You must not have killed more than 300 other players
  • You cannot be a eunuch
  • You may not be a part of another Sect or Faction
  • You must dress appropriately
  • Your moral alignment must be Chivalrous
  • You must not be a kidnapper or under wanted status
  • You must have a minimum Strength of Peak of Perfection
  • You must have learned a Gathering Life Skill, and a Manufacturing Life Skill
  • You must not have learned the Sunflower Manual

Additional info:

  • If you have killed over 300 players and/or already learned the Sunflower Manual, you may speak with Ling Xu at Jinling (1151,544) to receive tasks to gain approval, allowing you to join the Faction.

Internal & Combat Skills

As with each Faction of the Jianghu, Xu Family Village has one Internal Skill and one skill set available to its practitioners, in addition to a few bonus skills. All Xu Family Village skills are obtained by following the main quest lines from the Faction itself, and by progressing in your Faction Identity. Let's take a closer look at the Internal Skill, Combat Skills and Unique Faction Skills of the Xu Family Village:

Internal Skill - Three Purity Breath

Cultivating this internal skill will raise your mental acuity, raising your situational awareness for better offense as well as defense. In the heat of battle, you can gain different buffs: 

Supreme Cleansing Breath: When you attack, you have a chance to gain one of the three following effects: greatly increased accuracy, immunity to being disarmed, or immunity from being denied from using skills. A cooldown follows each effect.

Harmony in Conflict: When attacked, you have a chance of decreasing your target's attack power, while increasing your own. This effect can be stacked.

Combat Skills - Ebony Ruler Technique

Highly respected amongst experts, this skill set makes devastating use of debuffs to debilitate your targets. Becoming a master of these skills will earn you the respect and fear as you can put your opponents on lockdown while inflicting some serious damage.

Unique Faction Skills
Xu Family Village Bonfire

Xu Family Village disciples can learn the special skill: Bonfire. Players can create a bonfire allowing other players in the team to cook food for receiving additional buffs. The bonfire can be upgraded. The higher it's upgraded, the better the food effect will be.

A level 1 bonfire can be obtained through a main story task; however, more advanced ones are obtained via exchanging with Yin Ping and Xu Feiyan.

Xu Family Village is just one of six brand new playable Factions coming to Age of Wulin this March! Be sure to keep an eye on our website and official Facebook page for the latest information! You can also discuss Xu Family Village on our official forum.

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