Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness

Factions, weather and more!

Faction Spotlight: Golden Needle Shen Family

Disciples of the Shen Family practice the Gold Needle Healing Skill and are adept at curing all kinds of ailments, which has earned them great respect. The Shen family had been on a decline after the previous leader, Shen Jingfeng, was killed at Jiayuguan Pass while attempting to eliminate a bandit threat. This changed once Shen Canghai was appointed leader of the Golden Needle Sect and through great endeavors, has begun to return the Shen Family to its former glory.

Joining the Golden Needle Shen Family
There are two ways to join the Faction: via the main story quests or via Random Encounter.

The main story begins in Chengdu, where you have to locate Gao Tai at the Golden Needle Sect gate and ask about the conditions to join. Joining this way requires obtaining a token through the conditions listed below, then completing the Golden Needle Sect task.


  • Strength: Works with Ease
  • You must not be part of any other Sect or Faction

Joining by Random Encounter: If you are kind hearted, you have a chance to receive a Random Encounter task to join the Golden Needle Sect. Entry conditions for the Random Encounter are lower than that of the main story.

Internal & Combat Skills

As with each Faction of the Jianghu, the Golden Needle Shen Family has one Internal Skill and one skill set available to its practitioners, in addition to a few bonus skills. All Golden Needle Shen Family skills are obtained by following the main quest lines from the Faction itself, and/or by progressing in your Faction Identity. Let's take a closer look at the Internal Skill, Combat Skills and Unique Faction Skills of the Golden Needle Shen Family:

Internal Skill - Twenty-four Codes of Gold Entrance and Jade Lock

The Shen Family have mastered the technique of healing their bodies through Chi. Experts of this Internal Skill excel in their supportive roles, as they revive their fallen allies and bring them back to full health. The Twenty-four Codes of Gold Entrance and Jade Lock focuses on healing and defense, which can be used both as ranged and melee. 

The Special Effects of the internal skill offers you multiple benefits:

  • A chance to recover 4% of your maximum HP and 3% of your maximum Internal Power. In order to use the Effect, you must be under attack, but not being attacked for 7 seconds
  • If you are seriously injured, allies within 16m of you will recover 40% of their maximum HP and Internal Power. However, their ability to recover HP an Internal Power is reduced for the next 5 minutes. 


Combat Skills - Three Yang Mysterious Needle 

In line with their beliefs, the combat skills of the Golden Needle Shen Family are also heavily focused on healing and charging. Most skills in the set perform better the more you are being healed while you use the skill. There is also a revival skill and an Area of Effect healing skill in the set, allowing for a full healing role.


Unique Faction Skills

Working miracles: Certain top Golden Needle Shen Family Members will be able to learn a unique skill, which allows eunuch players to restore their "Treasure" to its former glory. 

Activate Meridians: The top Golden Needle Shen Family player can learn a skill that allows them to activate meridians in other players.