Chapter 4: Betrayal & Forgiveness

Factions, weather and more!

Faction Spotlight: Beast Villa

The Beast Villa was founded by the Shi family during the Song Dynasty. The Villa is known for raising many rare animals, and their disciples believe they should live in harmony with the wildlife. The current five leaders are brothers of the Shi family, with each having mastered a different animal style - eagle, bear, leopard, lion and tiger.

Joining the Beast Villa

There are two ways to join the Faction: via the main story quests, or via Random Encounter.The main story begins in the surroundings of the Beggars' Sect (589,853). Joining this way requires meeting the conditions listed below:


  • Be in possession of a token that proves you can tame a beast (obtained by killing one escaped Beast from the Villa), or have a pet summoned.
  • You must not be part of any other Sect or Faction

Joining by Random Encounter: you will be put to the test, and unless you are least well versed in the mastery of a second internal skill, your chances of success will be null.

Internal & Combat Skills

As with each Faction of the Jianghu, the Beast Villa faction has one Internal Skill and one skill set available to its practitioners, in addition to a few bonus skills. All Beast Villa skills are obtained by following the main quest lines from the Faction itself, and/or by progressing in your Faction Identity (up to a maximum of level 5). Let's take a closer look at the Internal Skill, Combat Skills and Unique Faction Skills of this faction:

Internal Skill - Fuyang Qigong

Humbled and respectful of nature, Beast Villa members let the Qi flow through them to such point that they tame their inner surges of Qi and use them for their own purpose. Confident in their survival instincts they reach a state of ferocity when low on health that gives them a surnatural ability to leech life through their attacks.

The Special Effects of the internal skill offers you multiple benefits:

  • A chance that your next attack will not consume any energy, while restoring a fraction of your energy pool (a cooldown occurs when this effect is triggered)
  • When your HP drops below 15%, you will be able to absorb some HP with each point of Energy you have during the next attack against you.


Combat Skills - Dragon and Tiger Fist 

In the heart of battle, Beast Villa member make full use of their inner ferocity; allowing themselves to be the channel of bestiality. They use combat skills that transform them into merciless hunters, pouncing on their target and closing distances quickly, while rooting themselves in the ground to be trully unstoppable. The few who have survived their rage witness of a tempest of tearing and roaring, leaving a bleeding effect to all the enemies trapped near them.

Unique Faction Skills

Training a Beast: As a member of the Beast Villa, you will have the privilege and responsibility to both look after and be looked after by a companion. 

Sacred Beasts: With enough time and dedication, it is possible to form a good relationship with the most powerful beasts of the Jianghu. You will need to hunt and gather treasures for your Faction before you can summon your beast for help in battle.