Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey

Discover what comes in the third chapter of Age of Wulin!

Chapter 3 also marks the release of the legendary Fourth Sect Internal Skills! Mightier than anything currently known in the Jianghu, the Fourth Sect Internal Skills bring a new standard of combat to the world of Age of Wulin. Unlocking these Fourth Internal Skills is not as simple as it sounds, however - as with each other Internal Skill and the launch of Chapter 2, there will be a tasking unlock event! More details on that will follow, but for now let's take a look at what comes once that hurdle has been passed!

Fourth Internal Skills

Much like the First-Third Internal Skills, the Fourth Internal Skills provide a new level of power alongside a new variety of Internal Skill Effects to enjoy! There are 8 new Internal Skills, one for each Sect, let's take a closer look at them now!

Sandalwood Divine Skill
This Yang/Hard attributed Internal Skill is designed for tanking, through and through! With massive amounts of HP and Strength (which turns into HP) supporting the powerful damage reduction & healing Internal Skill Special Effect, Shaolin will be tough to scratch with the Sandalwood Divine Skill.

Pure-Yang Wuji Skill
Greatly enhancing your Internal Skill Damage, the Pure-Yang Wuji Skill also allows you to apply a curse to your enemies, providing your attacks with bonus Yang damage and also preventing your foe from using any skills for a certain amount of time!

Icy Skin and Jade Bone Skill
Emei's 4th Internal Skill was carefully designed with the idea of complementing their unique combat skills in mind. This Internal Skill focuses on boosting Body Method and Internal Breathing, while providing a powerful Internal Skill Special Effect that stun, remove debuffs, add extra damage and more.

Beggars' Sect
Wine Rain Divine Skill

Flaunting the highest Strength stat increase in the game, the mighty 4th Internal Skill of the Beggars' Sect is something to be reckoned with. The high HP and Strength bonuses, coupled with a formidable Internal Skill Special Effect that reduces the defence & evasion, enhances chance to receive a critical hit, and applies additional damage to the target all together make the Beggars' Sect a new contender for most powerful in the Jianghu.

Scholar's Academy
Lianhua Mirror
The 4th Internal Skill from the Scholar's Academy provides heavy bonuses to the Internal Breathing and Body Method stats, accommodating for a play style that lets you hit hard on Internal Damage Skills and avoid being hit yourself. The Internal Skill Special Effect focuses largely on group damage & crowd control, likely geared towards AoE (Area of Effect) usage in PvE or mass PvP.

Tang Clan
Basic Yin
As always, Tang Clan skills focus on heavy Strength and Body Method, despite their Yin/Soft attribute. This complements their unique ranged playstyle, and Basic Yin is no different. Each attack with Basic Yin active has a chance to apply a debuff that can then be "popped" with another attack, causing heavy HP loss, stunning and further crowd control effects.

Royal Guards
Dark Heaven Records
Another hard-hitting, high Strength & HP Yang/Hard Internal Skill, Dark Heaven Records follows in classic Royal Guard fashion of tanky, hard-hitting masters of the Sabre. Dark Heaven Records' Internal Skill Special Effect which gives you the chance to reduce enemy damage significantly, while also applying quite a bit of extra Hardness damage with your hits and ignoring 28% of your opponent's guard.

Blissful Valley
Demon Style Secrets
Focusing primarily on Internal Breathing, but otherwise quite balanced, the 4th Internal Skill from the Blissful Valley effectively reflects the heavily Internal Skill Damage focus of their native combat skills. Adding to their "life-steal tank" reputation, the Internal Skill Special Effect of Demon Style Secrets allows practitioners to both improve chance of landing critical hits, and cause massive HP regeneration based on critical hits.

In order to learn your Sect's Fourth Internal Skill, you will need to have one of:

  • 8th Sect Identity
  • Your Sect's Third Internal Skill at Level 30
  • 130,000 Jianghu Reputation
  • Be a Fourth Internal Skill Junior Brother/Sister

Learning your Sect's Fourth Internal Skill requires you to first complete a quest line, given to you by your Sect's Leader NPC once the Unlock Event is complete. Following this quest line, about a mysterious thief who steals your Sect's sacred treasure, will grant you the first five pages of your Sect's Fourth Internal Skill!

Obtaining the subsequent 44 pages will require a mix of obtaining Sheepskins Scraps from your Sect's Forbidden Instance on Hard Mode, then exchanging them at your Sect's Chief Martial Uncle NPC for your desired book, and following more quest lines. For more details, see the table below.

Internal Skill Page Method
1-5 Quest line from Sect Leader NPC
6-10 Exchange, 8 Sheepskins Scraps each
11-15 Quest line from Chief Martial Uncle NPC
16-22 Exchange, 10 Sheepskins Scraps each
23-28 Quest line from Chief Martial Uncle NPC
29-37 Exchange, 10 Sheepskins Scraps each
38-43 Quest line from Sect Leader NPC
44 Exchange, 12 Sheepskins Scraps
45-49 Exchange 2x of the previous Page for your desired Page

Finally, Jianghu VIP will have the luxury of only needing to pay half the listed amount of Sheepskins Scraps for Pages! Furthermore, they will also be able to buy Pages 1-5, 11-15, 23-28 and 38-43 directly from the Chief Martial Uncle NPC for 20 Sheepskins Scraps each, without having to do the quest lines! More details, including stat bonuses and info on their Internal Skill Special Effects will be added to the Game Guide's Skills section upon release!

Higher Sect Skill Set Levels

With the activation of the Fourth Internal Skills, Sect Combat Skills must follow suit in the rise to power! Once the unlock event is complete, players will be able to access levels 8 & 9 of their Sect's 1st-3rd Sect Combat Skills, alongside levels 5 & 6 of their Sect's 4th Skill Set! Obtaining these new skill levels requires challenging the infamous Hard Mode Sect Forbidden Instances.

Sect Forbidden Instances - Hard Mode

A true rise to power requires a true challenge! To obtain pieces of your Sect's Fourth Internal Skill, you will be required to challenge your Sect's Forbidden Instance in Hard Mode. For more information on Sect Forbidden Instances, check out our full guide!


With the introduction of each previous Internal Skill update, Meridians were given a level-cap increase of sorts, by increasing the max Circle available to those who mastered the appropriate Internal Skills. The Fourth Internal Skill is no different, for once you have levelled your Fourth Internal Skill to level 30 you will unlock up to Circle 144 of the related Meridian. For more information on Meridians, check out our guide!