Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey

Discover what comes in the third chapter of Age of Wulin!

Sect Instructions

As we know from books, in every new chapter there is a new lesson to be learned. With our new expansion, Wisdom is indeed a Journey for all those willing to follow the path and start with a first step.

Calling out to all Young Xias who enjoy Team Practice: prepare to take the next step and be a part of the new Sect Instructions.

What are Sect Instructions? Simultaneous group practice for VIP players only, very similar to Team Practice, although on a larger scale; and as the name suggests, they take place in the respective Sects.

How to take part in Sect Instructions:

  • Join a Sect
  • Ensure that your character is out of “Novice” protection
  • Have VIP status enabled
  • Every player can join a maximum of 3 lessons per day, each of which lasts 12 rounds
  • A maximum of 50 players can join one Sect Instruction. If the team is full, you have to wait for the next round.


How Sect Instructions work:

  • As in Team Practice, you have to complete particular keystrokes
  • If you complete the keystrokes successfully, you will gain experience conversion and Instruction Credits
  • The daily target of a Sect Instruction session is reached by completing ten keystrokes. Each successful player gains the following:
    • 100% progress reached
    • 60 Instruction Credits
    • Maximum of 6000 cultivation points
  • You can exchange the Instruction Credits for items at the NPC Martial Uncle, who can be found in each Sect location.

Eager to get started? Pick out those crumbs from your keyboard and give it a go!