Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey

Discover what comes in the third chapter of Age of Wulin!

Long live the happily married!

Wisdom is a Journey brings a lot to couples who have tied the knot and reached the second Couple Identity. First of all you can now get extra rewards if you complete activities such as completing a Team practice or challenging a Forbidden Instance together, such as a Couple Skill Scroll Fragment (daily reward, limited to one).

You can now also be rewarded by the Matchmaker, who can exchange Couple Skills for those Scroll Fragments!


Seductive Stare Sword

Uniting as one to slay new foes and old enemies, couples can now achieve new heights of the Seductive Stare Sword! Mastering these seven techniques (one block, one feint, one rage and four attacks; Max Level is Level 6) will discourage anyone from trying to steal your significant other from you.

You can now also exchange Blessing Points for lvls 1-3 of the Seductive Stare Sword at the "Love Shop". You can get blessing points from other players at your wedding!

New divorce titles

If love is not in the air anymore, married couples in-game who decide to divorce will now be able to display one of up to 4 titles, depending on just how many previous flings they've had! These shiny new titles are:

Male Female
Mistaken Love Great Flirt
Sorrowful Love Prodigal Rake
True Friendship is hard to find Temperamental
Playboy Icy Heart