Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey

Discover what comes in the third chapter of Age of Wulin!

Treasure Assassin
Hunt practitioners of the Sunflower Manual & Qi Drain!

Hunt the Treasure Owner in a new way!

Previously, you could only prey on players who were challenging Forbidden Instances. Now, however, you will be able to register as a Jianghu Treasure assassin and prey on those who hold one of the two Jianghu treasures! Refusing an invitation removes you from the queue. In order to queue, you must be out of Novice protection and not engaged in any Jianghu activity or Battelfield. There can only be an automatically calculated number of assassin at a set time by the game system itself. You can not unfortunately actively apply to become an assassin, if the game deems you worthy of being an assassin, you will then be sent an invitation. Upon agreeing to the invitation, assassins will be teleported to the Treasure Item Owner. It's also worth noting that the Jianghu Treasure Assassin function is only valid during the times that players are able to cultivate those special Jianghu Internal Skills.

Who is your target?

Your assassination target is a player who, at the time, holds one of the legendary Jianghu Treasures, and is cultivating the associated skill. The Jianghu Treasures are the Embroidery Needle (Sunflower Manual) and the Black Wood Order (Qi Drain), your character will join the very secret cast of assassin under the anonymous name of Jianghu Assassin, wearing the unique assassin outfit for the mission.

Life as an assassin

An assassination mission is considered complete when the player marked for elimination is killed (you will even get more rewards if you are the assassin who delivers the coup de grace). Whenever the marked player is killed or goes offline, the event ends and players summoned are teleported back to where they previously where. During the mission, as an assassin you can not attack another fellow assassin; if you are killed, the session ends for you and you are teleported back to the nearest revival point. Prior to being teleported to your target, and while you are on your mission, all buffs will be removed from your character.