Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey

Discover what comes in the third chapter of Age of Wulin!

Inter-School Tournament

The second tournament to come with Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey is the Inter-School Tournament - a weekly & monthly tournament that focuses on Sect dominance! This particular competition disallows all Internal and Combat Skills that do not come from your original Sect, this includes everything that is not your Sect's 1st-4th Internal Skills and 1st-4th Combat Skill Sets.

Entering the Tournament

To enter the weekly competition, you must register in-game on Tuesday or Thursday between 9pm and 9:15pm server time. The monthly competition takes place on the fourth Saturday of the month at 3pm server time (the participant list can be viewed from 8am that morning). In order to qualify for entry at the time of the competition start, you must:

  • in a Sect
  • out of novice protection

Additionally, only those who have won one of the weekly competitions may join the monthly competition.


The weekly matches take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:20pm server time, and the monthly matches are on the afternoon of the fourth Saturday of the month, at 3pm server time. Those who enter are divided into groups of 8, a player must defeat each of their 7 opponents to become the weekly tournament champion and qualify for the monthly tournament.

Each match is a best of three 1v1 duel, and players may only use Sect Internal Skills and Sect Combat Skills. Competitors are not allowed to use items in their duels and all buffs will be removed upon entering the arena. Players must defeat their opponent within the given time; if they fail to do this, the player who dealt the most damage will win the duel.


The winner of the Inter-School Tournament will receive the exclusive title of "Sect Advanced Skill Grand Master" for one week! Additional prizes are given as the player progresses through the event, whether they win or lose their fights! Rewards include team practice and qi pills, online internal cultivation acceleration and a coin martial arts practice bonus, though the winner will always receive more rewards than the loser.