Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey

Discover what comes in the third chapter of Age of Wulin!

The Greedy Human Trafficker is a new function that enhances the pre-existing kidnapping system with a brand new event! On weekdays (Monday-Friday) between 12pm and 2pm, then again between 8pm and 10pm (server time!) the Black Market Merchant NPCs will enter overdrive! The event will be limited to one particular city, which will be announced by a server message at the beginning of the event.

During this time you will be able to kidnap in much greater frequency! You will have to watch yourself, though, as the primary focus of this event is not simply to kidnap, but to defeat other kidnappers and take their victims from them! Once you have rescued your new victim from the clutches of their original kidnapper, you have three choices:

  • Rescue the player: deliver your hostage to the Chivalrous Doctor to gain a Silver reward, and feel better for helping your fellow man!
  • Traffic the player: continue as normal and sell your victim to your local Black Market Merchant, in exchange for Silver and some personal wickedness!
  • Free the player: simply opening the sack and freeing the offline player will allow them return to their job, not rewarding you with Silver, but perhaps you'll feel a bit better about yourself!