Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey

Discover what comes in the third chapter of Age of Wulin!

Introducing the second major PvP competition of Age of Wulin: the glorious...

Dragon and Tiger Tournament!

Like the Mount Hua Competition, the Dragon and Tiger Tournament is a multi-stage event that pits the best PvPers of the server against one another. Unlike the Mount Hua Competition, however, the Dragon and Tiger Tournament is very regular! With three separate tournament stages each week, this new competition will surely deliver your regular PvP fix!

Entering the Tournament

In order to enter the daily competition, you must register in-game on Monday or Wednesday between 9pm and 9:15pm server time. In order to qualify for entry at the time of the competition start, you must:

  • ...not be in prison
  • ...not be in a Life Skill game
  • ...not be in an instance
  • ...not be undertaking a Random Encounter task
  • ...not be dead
  • ...not have any pet active
  • out of novice protection

In order to qualify for and enter the weekly competition, you must have won one of the daily competitions.


The daily matches take place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:20pm server time, and the weekly matches are on Sunday afternoons at 3pm server time. Those who enter are divided into groups of 8, a player must defeat each of their 7 opponents to become the Daily Tournament Champion.

Each match is a best of three 1v1 duel, and players may only use Sect Internal Skills, normal Jianghu Internal Skills, Sect Combat Skills, Jianghu Combat Skills and Shop Skill Sets in the duels. Competitors are not allowed to use items, Sunflower Manual, Qi Drain, The Nine Swords, Wild Ball Fist, Pious Snow Sword, Seductive Stare Sword, Chong Ling Sword Technique, Hidden Weapon Technique or Ancient Skill Sets in their duels. Players must defeat their opponent within the given time; if they fail to do this, the player who dealt the most damage will win the duel.


There are a great many rewards up for grabs in the Dragon and Tiger Tournament, and many ways to obtain them! By simply taking part, winning or even losing matches you may earn items to help progress your character, including expert points, team practice pills, qi and upper limit pills, practice pellets, Attack Enemy's Base, novice-level Sect skill books and Novice chapters of Jianghu skill books (note that pages won by Jianghu VIP players will be unbound, whereas non-VIP players will receive bound pages). The tournament winners will receive a Chapter 4 skill book for either a random Sect Combat Skill or Jianghu Combat Skill.