Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Immortal Legends is implementing the Token System that will award you with Jade and Gold tokens that are acquired just for playing the game. Your activity will be rewarded so the more you play, the more free items you'll receive!

You don't have to do anything different than playing the game as you have done before, and you can redeem the tokens for a variety of items such as gear, weapons, and skill scripts!

With the Token System, you can:

  1. Save tons of Liang from purchasing items you would normally purchase from other players since you'll be getting them for free!
  2. Equip your character with top tier weapons and gear. They're upgradeable too!
  3. Expand your martial arts collection with 11 skill sets!
  4. Learn advanced recipes for your life skill collection!
  5. Level faster with pills to increase experience, cultivation, and Qi!
  6. Get important crafting materials to make beastly equipment!

It's simple to acquire tokens and feels great to spend the tokens on free items, so let's break down the details!


Say Hello to the Token Interface!

There are two types of tokens

Jade Token (Expert Point)
Gold Token (Leisure Point)

Your Jade and Gold tokens are displayed below your character portrait.

Access the Token System by clicking on the Jade or Gold token from your character portrait. You'll see the full list of items that you can exchange for your tokens.

There is a weekly limit of 280 Jade and Gold Tokens. Additionally, 600 Jade and Gold Tokens can be stored at a time, so don't be a hoarder and exchange at will!


How to get Jade and Gold Tokens

Participating in many in-game features will award you with Jade tokens (Expert Points) and Gold tokens (Leisure Points). Here is a list of how to get Jade and Gold tokens from the game's content.

~~~ Jade Tokens ~~~

Content Action   Jade Tokens Awarded
Exploring the World at Large (Solo Challenge) Complete Solo Challenge 1
Forbidden Area Complete Forbidden Area 15-35
Jianghu Assassin Successfully assassinate in Forbidden Area 4
Peerless Expert Defeat one of the world bosses 25

~~~ Gold Tokens ~~~

Content Action Gold Tokens Awarded
Sect Spying Complete sect spy mission


Sect Patrol Defeat an unveiled spy 1
Sect Book Siezing Steal a script 1
Sect Script Protection Return a stolen script 1
Daily Escort Escort a guild carriage 2
Evil Kidnap Kidnap an offline player 1
Daily Tasks Complete any repeatable daily quest 1
Team Practice Complete Team Practice to 100% fatigue 5
Collect  Gather materials X
Produce Equipment above the "Silver" Level  Produce gold or jade equipment  X
Guild Raid  Burn down guild base 1
Guild Guard  Prevent guild base from being burned  1
Wanted List  Collect a player bounty  1
Guild Battle  Participate in guild war  0-10
Sect War  Participate in sect war  0-10
Faction  Complete a faction instance  1
Jianghu Hero  Defeat a Jianghu Hero 5
Battlefield Participate in Battlefield X
Youyun Sixteen Prefectures  Participate in Youyun Sixteen Prefectures  10


Exchanging Tokens for Items

After exchanging your tokens for items, all acquired items will be immediately bound to your character and cannot be sold/traded. Our support team will not assist with any items that are accidentally purchased.

There are six categories of items you can receive in exchange for your tokens.

  • Martial Arts Pages - 11 skill sets (Snow Flying and Cloud Striking Palm, Setting Sun Sword Technique, Withered Plume, Duopo Hook Heart Stab, Craziness Cane Technique, Quicksand, Qingyun  Palm Technique, Mantis Fist, Moxin Serial Hands, Emotions-Termination Seven Moves, Demonic Soul-Chasing Sabre).
  • Weapons - Up to Class-04 equipment quality.*CM Tip: These weapons can be upgraded!
  • Wear - Up to Class-04 equipment quality. *CM Tip: This gear can be upgraded!
  • Pill - Consumable pills to increase experience, cultivation, and Qi.
  • Materials - Crafting materials for beginner and intermediate crafters. *CM Tip: You can get an item that can be exchanged for Gold Jade Powder and Dark Jade Powder!
  • Manual - Life skill recipes of novice and professional quality.

For weapons and gear that you acquire through the Token System, please know that hovering over the item will have a limited tooltip description. Once you acquire the item, the full tooltip description will be revealed. Below is an example of the Weicong Sabre tooltip description before and after we have purchased it.

  • Once purchased, items become BOUND
  • Once purchased, items become UPGRADEABLE