Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore instance-like combat with Yanmen Pass and Sect Instances that we previewed already, players will engage in a different type of PvE challenge - Solo Challenges!

Solo Challenges share a similar design to Faction Instance and just like the Faction Instances, your goal is to defeat a number of enemies under a certain time frame. However, the challenges have been infused with fierce changes from being able to complete this dungeon-like content on one's own, while handsomely awarding unique bonuses!


Getting Started

You will not have to manually travel to each faction instance, and can instantly travel to the desired location through the feature's interface. To access the interface, click the icon "Exploring the World at Large"

You'll immediately notice lots of new tabs and shiny golden panels, so we'll break them all down for you!

First off, the four tabs on the left represent your progression through the Solo Challenges. You'll start at A little Famous and work your way towards Gentlefolk. In order to unlock the advanced challenges, you'll need a required amount of Jianghu reputation, strength level, and complete the early stage challenges.


Golden Panels

Each of the golden panels represents one solo faction instance you must complete. You'll start at One and finish with Six. Before starting each challenge, you have a couple options.

  • Valiant mode- After completing a Solo Challenge 9 times, you can do a Solo Challenge in Valiant mode, which will double the bounty reward. Valiant mode can be attempted once per week.
  • Reset - 6 resets of the golden panels are allowed per week, so after completing six challenges, you can reset, and do a maximum of 36 challenges per week. The overall Solo Challenge progress resets every week.
  • Speed Challenge -Spend 10 unbound liang to instantly complete the challenge.
  • Start Challenge - Instantly teleports your character to the faction instance, and the challenge begins.
  • Change Opponent - Upon clicking each of the golden panels, the name of the boss that you will fight from that instance will appear. Changing opponents costs unbound liang, and will randomly change the boss to a different boss of that same faction instance. The purpose of doing this is to try your luck with fighting a boss from the Wanted list.
  • Select Opponent - This confirms the new boss you will fight after changing opponents.


Wanted List

Towards the top of the interface is a list of Wanted bosses. If you kill a Wanted boss during one of your Solo Challenges, you'll receive a Wanted reward! The reward will be sent to your mailbox.



There are various one-time achievements, such as killing bosses or scoring a Challenge Result A with certain faction instances. Each achievement gives its own reward, and among them you can win Hunyuan Yijing Pills and Bai Xiao's Weapon Manuals.



Every time you complete a Solo Challenge you will earn points. These points accumulate until spent. The Exchange tab shows you a list of items you can acquire with these points, which includes skill scripts, challenge-related items, and consumable pills.



Depending how well you perform in the Solo Challenges, you will be displayed in the rankings, and can earn bonus rewards for being best of the best.



Upon entering the instance, you will acquire a new technique bar that contains various effects, which will assist you in completing the challenges. These special abilities can be used in conjunction with your usual skills, and useage of these techniques will cost 1 unbound liang.

Mad God Descends An extremely strong mental skill which after use confers an added Super Armour state. Also absorbs 50% of your damage which is recovered as HP. Lasts 2 minutes.
Smite with a Bloody Mouth Speak impudently to provoke the enemy into a rage and cause all enemies within a 50  metre radius to attack you. Causes an additional 10 points of damage to enemies within a 20 metre radius. Lasts 2 minutes.
Explosive Attack Cause damage to targets, giving them an infusion of internal power and causing them to explode upon dying, damaging all friendly forces within a 10 metre radius. Damage dealt is equivalent to the target's maxiumum HP.
Rule the World

Stun all enemies within 15 metre radius and confer an added "Vulnerable" state while also clearing any super armour effects.

[Vulnerable]: An additional 100% damage is received when taking damage.

Divine Skill Protection Maximum HP is raised by 30% for 2 minutes. Produces an extra protection effect which absorbs damage equivalent to your maximum HP and lasts 2 minutes before your shield is broken. While the shield is in effect, you enter a weakened Super Armour state.
Move Like the Wind Unleash a fearsome lightness skill, increasing your movement speed by 100%. Additionaly energy bursts produce a whirlwind that sweeps away nearby enemies. Lasts 30 seconds.
Make Vigorous Efforts to Return Qi protection lowers damage by 90% for 15 seconds. When the protection effect ends, the qi bursts open on surrounding enemies, causing damage equivalent to your maximum HP. Additionally, each attack has a chance of inducing your protective qi to cause damage equivalent to 10% maximum HP to surrounding enemies.
Bristle with Anger An incontrollable rage immediately grants you 50 rage points in addition to 10 additional rage points every second for the next 10 seconds.
Open-Minded Absorb the essence of earth and heaven to immediately recover all energy. Additionally, recover all energy once every 30 seconds for the next 2 minutes.


Miscellaneous Bonuses

Sect Spying Token - Upon completing 3 sub-achievements (i.e. unique boss kills), you'll acquire a consumable spying token. If used during sect spying, you'll immediately gain 5 pieces of intelligence.  After completion of the 3rd sub-achievement, you'll continue to receive these spying tokens for every 2 sub-achivements completed.

Individual Solo Challenge Rewards - Each Solo Challenge you complete will not only award you with the accumulated points, but also reputation, Qi, bonus challenge time, and Jianghu experience.