Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

The sect you choose establishes the driving path for your character - play style, teachings, cooperation and competition amongst your peers. Age of Wulin players will encounter even greater PvE challenges than just Yanmen Pass in Immortal Legends. It's time to graduate and put on your big boy robes... Take your character to new heights with Sect Instances!

Scattered throughout the Jianghu are ancient establishments that embody each sect's sacred grounds, or have mysteries that need to be deciphered with cunning and force! Each Sect Instance has a unique look and feel to it but don't let the picturesque environments fool you; there's danger lurking behind the curtain of your destiny. Only those that can surpass these ultimate trials will be worthy of acquiring legendary scripts that will unleash one's true potential - 4th Skill Set!

To wield such power will require dedication not only to your sect's cause but test your character's mental and physical capabilities through overcoming bosses and mind-boggling puzzles.


Skill Sets - Level 6 and 7

Upon pledging allegiance to your sect, you were endowed with three skill sets to build the foundation of your martial arts. Before we delve into the 4th Skill Sets, did you know you can increase the skill level of your three original skill sets from level 5 to 7?

Refer to the map of your sect and look for the Sect Challenge Publisher icon. The NPC will offer a number of items available in exchange for Sect Honour Certificates.

Right-click the item in your inventory and a pop-up menu will appear that shows you which particular skill of that set you can permanently increase. You'll want to eventually increase the level of each of your sets' skills, so it'll be necessary to purchase more of the same item from the Sect Challenge Publisher.

After you click Start Challenge, you'll notice that you have a new quest added to your Mission Tracking interface. There is a challenge associated with each skill set that you must complete before you can receive the skill upgrade. Once you complete the appropriate challenges, select one of the skills that you want to upgrade and click Claim Reward.


Now that we have served you a taste of the appetizer, it's time to move on to the main course! Feast your eyes on the Sect Instances and 4th Skill Sets that await in Immortal Legends!

Beggars' Sect - Apricot Forest Dog Beating Staff
Short Staff - Hardness


Blissful Valley - Ectasy Cave

Life Taking Thirteen-Sword

Single Sword - Taiji


Emei - Sacrificial Cliff

Virgin Sword

Single Sword - Softness


Royal Guards - Underground Dungeon

Bloody Killing Sabre Technique

Single Sabre - Yang


Scholar's Academy - Guili Mansion

Jade Flute Sword

Single Sword - Softness


Shaolin - Muren Passage

Dragon Claw

Bare Hand - Yang


Tang Clan - Great Poison Palace

Hell King's Invitation

Concealed Weapon - Yin


Wudang - Purple Cloud Underground Palace

Tai Chi

Bare Hand - Taiji


Entering the Sect Instance

Each Sect Instance is located within your sect's scene. The exact location and details can be viewed from the Forbidden Area interface. Also please know that a maximum number of 3 players are allowed to challenge a Sect Instance, and the instance needs to be initiated by a character disciple of the sect.


 Exchanging Tokens for the 4th Skill Set

Defeating bosses rewards you with treasure that is specific to your sect. Within these special treasures, you will receive a variety of items including special tokens for your 4th skill sets.

Sect-Specific Treasure Tokens for 4th Skill Set

Example from Shaolin

Only sects of the related sect instance can receive the sect-specific treasure that contains the 4th skill set tokens. In other words, it will not be possible to acquire Emei treasure while playing a Blissful Valley character in the Emei sect instance.

You can redeem the tokens for your 4th skill sets at your sect's Elder Disciple NPC. Having Jianghu VIP will have a discounted exchange rate of tokens needed for the skills.