Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Being the most vicious player in a world with open PvP can have it's flaws. This is especially the case when you are suddenly surrounded by a group of bounty hunting players while cleaning your blade off from the last player who 'accidently' fell on your sword. And such surprises normally end with a longer stay in prison or even death, when you have been very successful at being vicious.

You can wait until the time of your punishment runs out and you are automatically released ... in one way or another. However, waiting the whole time is not always an option and we want to remind you on the few things you can do to "shorten" your stay behind bars ...


Bribe the guard!

Being a prison guard in the Jianghu is not the best paid of employment options. If you are in prison and start to chat with the guard you will see that he will accept a certain amount of unbound Liang to give you your freedom. Be aware that the amount of Liang you have to pay to be freed will increase with the kill value you 'achieved'.


Gamble with the guard!

In case you don't have enough money to bribe the guards you can also choose to gamble with them. You will have to bet some bound silver on a dice game. If you win, the guard will take the money and your kill value will be reduced. With a reduced kill value, the time you have to stay in the prison will automatically decrease. If you lose, your money is gone. But be careful! The guard is no rookie - You might lose more than you expect.


Miracle Encounter!

Sometimes there are some NPC prisoners next to other players in your cell. These NPCs have a season pass for the prison and definitively know some tricks. Talking to them and gaining their trust can reveal unforeseen ways out of the prison. You should give it a try.


With the help of some friends!

If these first options don't suit you, you can also ask your friends to rescue you from your miserable situation. They fight their way into the prison to your cell, break your chains, and set you free. It's always a good thing to have some friends who have your back!


Constables and Fugitive! *New*

With Immortal Legends prison breaks performed with the aid of other players have been reworked. When you talk to the guard you will see two options for the prison break. One option with unbound Liang and one with bound silver.

With bound silver you can ask 10 friends and close friends to help you break free. If more than 5 players accept the invite, the instance will start.

If you pay unbound Liang you can send an invitation to all close friends and if more than 5 close friends accept, the instance will begin.

When the group of outlaws kills the captain of the jail, the complete new feature is activated. All player constables will receive an invitation to join a queue to help prevent the prison break. After 10 seconds the system will pick 7 constables and send them directly into the prison instance. There won't be any names or guild tags visible just as in the assassin mode of the forbidden instances. The Nearby and Scene channels won't be available so they are completely anonymous.

If the prisoner escapes out of the instance, the prison break succeeds and he/she will be able to leave the prison. If the prisoner is killed during the attempt or the time runs out, the prison break fails and the constables will receive a reward for their help. The prisoner will be ported back to their cell.

You see, breaking out of prison is now a special experience! So when are you going to break free? Or do you plan to maintain justice and do whatever it takes to keep the bad guys in the prison?