Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends


Immortal Legends is bringing significant changes to Meridians, and while we do have a comprehensive Meridian guide in our Game Guide section, we thought it would be good to give a brief reminder of what you need to know about Meridians.

The Meridian System is a character-building system that works closely with Internal Skill progress. Each Meridian represents a certain Sect's Internal Skills, and by obtaining and levelling up those skills you can unlock more potential in your Meridians. Meridians give stat bonuses, often somewhat related to the Sect that they are based on, and these bonuses can vary from HP and Internal Power to Blocking Force, Yang Defence, External Skill Hit Value and so much more. Levelling Meridians requires Qi, which can be obtained by doing just about anything in the game (though combat is the primary method for Qi gain). Presently in Age of Wulin, a maximum of 4 Meridians may be activated at once.

This is just scratching the surface of the detailed Meridian System, so if you want to know more, be sure to check out our full guide.


Changes to the Meridian System in Immortal Legends

With Immortal Legends, players will have the opportunity to open two new slots for Meridians, meaning end-game players can have up to 6 Meridians active at once! The brand new Artifact System will also have an effect on Meridians, as you may use these items to add permanent buffs to your active Meridian bonuses. Finally, new Meridians will be available to practitioners of the Sunflower Manual or Qi Drain Internal Skills.


Obtaining your 5th and 6th Meridians

To unlock your 5th Meridian slot, you must have already obtained your Sect's 3rd Internal Skill. Once you have learned this skill, simply visit your Sect Leader NPC and take on the relevant quest, which should be titled "Activate the fifth meridian(Available)". Once you turn in the quest, you will be given a "Millenium Dimai Lingzhi Pill", using which will grant you your 5th Meridian slot.

Unlocking your 6th Meridian slot is equally straightforward, in fact you only need to repeat the above process once your character reaches level 30 of your Sect's 3rd Internal Skill. The quest and item names do slightly vary, becoming "Activate the sixth meridian(Available)" and "Dimai Purple Lingzhi Pill" respectively, but the process remains the same.



The new Artifact System allows you to apply passive buffs to your Meridians, typically complementing the style of the Meridians themselves. The Artifacts that apply these buffs can be obtained throughout the Jianghu, most commonly in Forbidden Instances. Using an Artifact will generate a number for the bonus given, and sometimes it can mean obtaining and using many Artifacts to achieve your desired result. You must pay 10 Liang of either Silver or Silver Coins to apply an Artifact and roll for a new number - if you pay in Silver Coins, your bonus will change with each role, but if you pay with Silver then it won't drop any lower than its current value. Let's take a look at each Meridian's Treasure, and what bonus they give.

Sect/Internal Meridian Treasure
Max Bonus
Sitting and Forgetting Qi Gathering in Elixir Field


Stamina +30
Emei Hand Taiyin Lung Channel

Bee Jelly

Internal Power +334
Blissful Valley Three Jiao Channels of Hand Shaoyang

Devil Leech

Vigorous Qi +50
Beggars' Sect Hand Taiyang Small Intestine Channel

Ice Ant

Stamina +50
Wudang Foot Shaoyin Kidney Channel

Lingzhi Mushroom with Treasured Sword Spiritual Influence

Internal Power +334
Scholar's Academy Foot Jueyin Liver Channel

Ice Toad

Internal Breathing +50
Tang Clan Foot Taiyin Spleen Channel

Kongqing Stalactite

Body Method +50
Royal Guard Foot Shaoyang Gallbladder Channel

Red-Lined Cicada

Strength +50
Shaolin Foot Yangming Stomach Channel

Dark Red Pear

HP +500


New Meridians

The two new Meridians coming with Immortal Legends are linked to the legendary Jianghu Internal Skills Qi Drain and Sunflower Manual. As with the Internal Skills themselves, these Meridians come with extra costs for use, but make up for it with incredible bonuses! When activated, both Yin Link Vessel (Qi Drain) and Thoroughfare Vessel (Sunflower Manual) will cost 1,000 cultivation points per minute to maintain activation. Check out below for more info on each Meridian at circles 1->108!

Yin Link Vessel

  • Internal Skill: Qi Drain
  • Bonuses:
    • Vigorous Qi +27 -> 73
    • Internal Breathing +9 -> 24
    • HP +232 ->619
    • Internal Power +232 ->619
    • Special effect: Critical Hit Damage Reduced (%) +5 [only at 108]

Thoroughfare Vessel

  • Internal Skill: Sunflower Manual
  • Bonuses:
    • Body Method +44 ->97
    • Stamina +15 ->32
    • HP +670 ->1473
    • Internal Power +179 -> 393
    • Special effect: Increase Yin Damage caused [only at 108]
    • Special effect: Increase Soft Damage caused [only at 108]