Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Dear Xias,

Spring has come, birds are singing again and the flowers are blooming; this is time to reveal your love to your chosen one.

Declare your love in a typical zen garden under a cherry tree with petals falling, a soft hand on her pink cheek, gaze into her eyes and just say it.

Our matchmaker will be glad to welcome new couples to officialise their engagement and plan a date for the big wedding day. And don’t feel bad if you are single and still looking for love! You can register on our dating service!

However, this system is only for Jianghu VIP.

Looking for love? Use our dating service!

If you are single you can talk to the matchmaker (Jinling: 1280, 1480) who is responsible for administering weddings.

You need to pay fees to be able to register (20 unbound liangs), you will then appear on the registration list in the order of your registration.

All the names are listed for 2 days. If you’re not engaged by then, your name is removed from the registry. If you get engaged your name will also be removed.

An engaged player won’t be able to check the registry interface to seek marriage (what did you expect?!).


Already found your loved one? Get engaged and start planning your wedding!


It’s time to propose!
In the marriage registration interface, the male player enters the name of the future spouse he wishes to marry and he needs to pay the cost of the wedding to the matchmaker.

Conditions to propose:

  • Only males can propose.
    Only males and females can be married.
  • Both players need to be unmarried.
  • If you are a Shaolin disciple, you cannot get married until you’ve earned the title “Shaolin Secular Disciple”.
  • Your affinity value between both players must be at least 2000 for each of you. So a total of 4000. (Open your Friend list and check the value near the little heart.)
  • The proposing player must have sufficient funds to host the wedding. (Different wedding types and prices are available.)

Accepting marriage proposal (female):

  • As a female you’re able to only select ONE person to accept his proposal. Once it’s done, all other suitors are rejected.
  • If you have a lot a proposals you can select all of them at the same time to reject them.
  • If you do not respond to a proposal within 3 days, the proposal is cancelled.

Different wedding types


First of all, all wedding event take place in Jinling.

Upon acceptance of the marriage proposal, the male player must select the date and plan for the wedding.

Warning: Once the plan is set it cannot be altered.

There are four wedding plan options depending on the level of luxury you want to have.

Only male players can purchase these.


Luxury Level


Wedding Growns

Groom’s Procession Carriage

Bride’s Procession Carriage



Heart to Heart (No banquet)


399 Liang

Basic Gown x1 (permanent)





Forever Together


1 Ding 999 Liang

Basic Gown x1 (permanent)

Brown Horse

4 Man Sedan Chair



Together As One


6 Ding 999 Liang

Beginner’s Gown x1 (permanent)
Intermediate Gown x1

(3 days)

Black Horse

12 Man Sedan Chair



Respectful Gift


9 Ding 999 Liang

Beginner’s Gown x1 (permanent)
Intermediate Gown x1

(3 days)

Advanced Gown (3 days)

White Horse

28 Man Palanquin




Once you have confirmed your wedding plans the game will send wedding rings to both players. The items will be put in their respective inventories. Players can use them to teleport to their partner immediately.
The game also sends both players invitations to be forwarded to their wedding guests. These invitations are also vouchers to access the matrimonial chamber.

Both bride and groom receive unique titles as a couple.


The Wedding Procession


When the time arrives to start the festivities, the bride and groom must report to the matchmaker to start the wedding procession. (We advise you to be present in advance to avoid delaying the procession.)

Before that the couple will be able to send invitations to their guests for them to be able to participate in all steps of the wedding.

Step 1: The ceremony is very traditional and both players will start by bowing to each other in front of a Buddha statue.

Step 2: This small ceremony will be followed by a walk through the city (depending on your Wedding type, the road will be different). During this time, the bride’s party will drop gifts for the guest while the groom can spend some liang to have cherry blossom fall from the sky.

Step 3: You will then arrive at your banquet which can be large or small according to your wedding type. During the banquet the bride and groom can hire guards to protect the table against PvP players who can decide to attack them.

Guests can sit and eat to gain a cultivation bonus but they can also decide to ruin the wedding by destroying the tables.

If no tables are destroyed the couple will earn more blessing points!

The banquet will last for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Cheering the newlyweds in the Matrimonial Chamber

When the banquet in concluded, the bride and groom may enter the matrimonial chamber, along with their guests (slots are limited).

The appearance of the matrimonial chamber will vary according to the luxury level of the wedding plan.
In this chamber, guests may select activities for the newlyweds to perform.
Bride and groom will have to complete a dance mini-game to earn a lot of Cheering points! So don’t fail!

Upon completion of this activity which can last from 30 minutes up to 1 hour and, if the cheering points reach a certain value, all players present can receive a buff, a Wedding Box and a chance to learn the martial arts skills of the respective sects of the bride and groom.
When the cheering ends, if the points reach 1 314, the bride and groom can receive the Seductive State Sword Embroidered Box.
(This bonus is NOT available for the “Heart to heart” wedding plan.)

Step 5: Time to consumate the marriage! Don’t worry it’s just a small cinematic.

Note: During the wedding, the bride and groom can receive blessings from other players. They can collect blessing points in exchange for lover’s costumes, mounts, unique skill sets and other items.

Wedding shop! Made for lovers!


Once you have gathered enough blessing points you will be able to purchased special rewards from the Qingyuan house. From lover’s outfits to special and unique couple skill sets (with a couple attack!) and mounts you’ll be delighted to share it with your partner.

Wanna divorce? It’s also possible!


Betrayal in the air? You’re using the slapping skill set on your loved one?

If you want to divorce you need to go to see the matchmaker and select either Amicable Divorce or Forced Divorce.

Amicable Divorce

Husband and wife need to form a team.
The husband then talks to the matchmaker and asks for a divorce.
The couple then waits between 2 and 7 days to confirm the divorce. If either player fails to confirm, the divorce is cancelled.

As soon as either the husband or wife rejects the divorce, it’s cancelled.

The couple will remain married until the divorce is confirmed by both sides.
Upon the completion of the divorce, 5 000 points of affinity value between the former spouses will be deducted.

The husband will need to pay the fee for the divorce proceedings.
All married couple titles will be removed from divorced players.

Forced Divorce

Either the husband or the wife needs to talk to the matchmaker and ask for a divorce. The game system will notify the other spouse that divorce proceedings have begun.

The player asking for a divorce must pay a fee.

Once the divorce has been pronounced, 10 000 points of affinity value between the former spouses will be deducted.

All married couple titles are removed from divorced players.

Wedding for Shaolin disciple?



Because the Shaolin is an all-male Buddhist monastic order, it places certain restrictions and conditions upon its disciples in regards to marrriage.

A married player who has not yet joined the School can no longer join the Shaolin, so long as he remains married.

A Shaolin player who wishes to marry must earn the “Shaolin Secular Disciple” title. To earn this title, use the Soap Powder, which is purchased from the Shaolin Abbot. 

Hint: Once a player becomes a “Shaolin Secular Disciple”, he can no longer participate in the School Tournament in Shaolin.