Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Age of Wulin's crafting system is already extensive and it's going to expand even further in Immortal Legends. With Class-05 gear refinement, you can transform your treasured gear into walls of deflection, and weapons into destructive forces of fury!

There are also new tools to make you a master crafter. Not satisfied with your wrist guard? Convert it to a different wrist guard of the same tier. Have a weapon with a not-so-desirable attribute? Reset and shoot for the most optimal one!

Fellow forgers, let's disassemble all the crafting updates together in detail.


Second Manufacturing Life Skill

"Experience self-sufficiency and true Life Skill mastery like never before!"

Normally we can learn one of the six Manufacturing Life Skills - Tailor, Cook, Poison Master, Crafstman, Blacksmith, and Herbalist. The new expansion will allow us to learn a second Manufacturing Life Skill! This will make us more self-sufficient with making our own goods, and also allow us to produce more items that we can sell on the Ming Dynasty Trade Hall. Additionally, you can now also level your Life Skill up to the 10th Identity level!

Second Manufacturing Life Skill Requirement

  • Acquire max level of first Manufacturing Life Skill
  • Costs 200 Silver Liang


Refinement Highlights and Requirements

"Raise your equipment to new heights of excellence!"

In Immortal Legends you'll be able to enhance gear and weapons up to Class-05!

  • Refinement only applies to gear and weapons that are of Silver, Gold, and Jade quality.
  • Gear and weapons can only be refined if they are enhanced/crafted, and doesn't work if it's obtained as a drop.
  • Equipment cannot be refined if its durability level is 0.
  • Option for gear and weapon enhancements to stay or be removed after the item is refined. However, Silver quality gear cannot retain enhanced attributes.
  • Equipment cannot be refined if the refined item cannot be re-assembled, repaired, or has an expiration period.

Refining is easy - insert the weapon/gear/jewellery that you want to be enhanced, add a binding agent, add a powder, and enhance! Instead of using powder, you can alternatively use another weapon/gear/jewelry of the same class/tier.

Here is a breakdown of what materials are needed to refine each of the possible types of equipment. The process of refining weapons, gear, and jewelry is similar, so we'll be using weapon refinement as an example.

  Silver Class-05 Gold Class-04 Gold Class-05 Jade Class-04 Jade Class-05
Base Weapon Silver Class-04 Gold Class-03 Gold Class-04 Jade Class-03 Jade Class-04
Binding Agent Normal Quality Binding Agent High Quality Binding Agent High Quality Binding Agent Refined Quality Binding Agent Refined Quality Binding Agent
Powder   Gold Thread Powder Gold Thread Powder Mysterious Jade Powder Mysterious Jade Powder

Refinement Process

Visit the following NPCs to enhance your equipment:

Blacksmith Tailor Craftsman
Weapon Refining Service Armour Refining Service Decoration Refining Service

Step 1 - Insert the item (weapon, gear, jewellery) in the center box that you want to be refined.

Step 2 - Insert the Powder and Binding Agent. Instead of using powder, you can alternatively use another weapon/gear/jewelry of the same class/tier.

Retain enhanced attributes of primary equipment - If you would like to keep the enhanced attributes of the item you are refining, make sure this box is selected. If you want your refined item to have all enhanced attributes removed after the refinement, de-select the box.

Step 1 Step 2


Reset Service

"Sick of bad enhancement rolls on gear?

Turn what was once useless into the best gear on the server!"

Another new crafting-related system coming with Immortal Legends is the ability to alter enhancements made on weapons and armour/clothing. While, like refining, you don't need to be trained in the Life Skill related to the item you are altering, there are still strict requirements in place. Let's take a look:

  • Only Gold and Jade quality items can be altered
  • The item in question must have been crafted
  • Only bound items may be altered
  • Only items with 6+ enhancements applied can be altered
  • All services cost Silver Liang, the amount varies depending on the service and item

These restrictions cover the changing of enhancements on all types of equipment. However, the available options for each relevant type of equipment (weapons & armour/clothing) vary.


Weapons have three different Reset Service options - [Smelting], [Polishing] & [Refine], all of which can only be used on Gold and Jade equipment. Let's look at each individually.


Smelting a weapon provides a reroll on weapon damage and defence-breaking bonuses, which may or may not result in more or less of either, and cannot guarantee the numbers will go up. For example, these Gold Class-03 Twin Swords started with three defence-breaking bonuses, after a few rolls of Recombination, the Recombination Result section showed desirable stats. Hitting Confirm applied them to the weapon, which now has two weapon damage and one defence-breaking bonuses!


Weapons can be polished to reroll the weapon damage or defence-breaking values. Unlike Smelting, the enhancements themselves will not change, only the values will. For example, the weapon that was previously smelted has weapon damage +10, defence-breaking +14 and weapon damage +9. By polishing this item, the order will stay the exact same, and only the values can change; in this case, the end product was weapon damage +11, defence-breaking +12 and weapon damage +10, in that order. Take a look at these beforeafter images for comparison!

Aside from that, Polishing functions much like Smelting - drag your weapon into the slot, pay Silver to make Recombination rolls and once you've found one that you like more than your original weapon's stats, hit Confirm!


While Smelting and Polishing focus on weapon damage and defence-breaking enhancements, Refining is designed to change the skill enhancements on your equipment. Once again using the previous weapon example, we can see that this weapon has three enhancements for Liangyi Sword skills. We also see on the interface that the three possible skill sets that we can have enhanced on this weapon are Liangyi Sword Technique, Limitless Sword Technique and Drifting Cloud Sword Technique.

Following the same procedure as before - using Silver to make Recombination rolls - we can see what different combinations are possible. In this case, we wanted to enhance our Drifting Cloud Sword, so we eventually rolled the right bonuses, and hit Confirm, and here's the result!

That covers the three available options for making your equipment more suited to your playstyle, and generally optimising your damage output in the Jianghu. Altering armour/clothing is slightly different, let's take a look at that now. Many types of equipment can give bonuses to skills, always related to the type of equipment it is - weapons give bonuses to skill sets of that weapon type, bracers give bonuses to Bare Hand Routine sets and so on. As for what types of equipment can be enhanced by Refining, that depends on the current availability of skill sets based on a relative piece of equipment. For example, Helmet equipment can only give bonuses to the Iron Head skill set, and thus cannot be Refined, as there are no additional head-based skill sets.


Unlike weaponry, armour and clothing only have two Attribute Reset Service options - Gold and Jade Equipment attribute reset & Gold and Jade Equipment value reset. These function much like the Smelting and Polishing functions available for weapons.

Gold and Jade Equipment attribute reset

This function is used to reset the stat bonuses received alongside the attribute/elemental bonuses. This allows any instance of Vigorous Qi, Body Method, Stamina, Strength or Internal Breathing to be changed with any other bonus.

The clothing piece we are using for an example this time has a Yin/Soft attribute, but this part is irrelevant for this function - only the bonus following the attribute will be changed. Note that changing attribute is possible, and you can check out our Shop Update news for more details!

To begin with, our clothing has Body Method +9, Stamina +10 and another Body Method +9. Changing this requires putting it in the slot, and hitting the Recombination button until we have a desirable result in the Recombination Result section of the window. In this case, we went for Strength +11, Stamina +9 and Stamina +10, this is our final result for comparison.

Gold and Jade Equipment attribute value reset

The key difference between the reset services available for clothing is simple the word "value". This second option will only change the value of your stat bonuses, and will not alter the bonus themselves. As such, with the example from last time, the bonuses of Strength, Stamina and Stamina will remain, while the +11, +9 and +10 will be changed.

After a few tries, we landed on a more desirable stat bonus lineup. Out of a maximum of +12 for each, we had +11, +12 and +12 - definitely worth keeping! Confirming the changes permanently altered our clothing, and we were done!


Smelting Service

"The final touch - it's your equipment, so make sure it does exactly what you want it to!"

Separate to the weapon-only Smelting service mentioned above is the general Smelting Service, available for clothing, weapons and jewellery. This special function is only made available to Jianghu VIPs, and allows players to exchange their weapon, clothing piece or jewellery for an item with the same enhancements, but of a different set, and as such, with a different ability (shown in green). This service can only be used on Class-05 equipment that has already been enhanced.

To use the function, go to the relevant NPC (Blacksmith for weapons, Tailor for clothing and Craftsman for jewellery) and select the option for the relevant smelting service. Once you place your item in the appropriate slot in the window that opens (see above), you will see the available options. By moving your mouse cursor over each icon, you can view their set bonus (green text), then ticking the box above that icon and clicking Confirm will successfully convert your item. Check out our comparison here!