Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Weapon equipped to strike down your opponents? Check. Armour suited up to repel those throwing darts? Check. Artefacts and Treasures collected to strengthen your character's combat abilities? Oh, you better believe it!

Immortal Legends has added Artefacts, which enhance your Meridians' bonuses. In addition, Treasures are items that can increase damage
output and decrease incoming damage. With both of these new ways to power up your character, you'll be ready to take on the most challenging content that Immortal Legends has to offer.



The new Artefact System allows you to apply passive buffs to your Meridians, typically complementing the style of the Meridians themselves.

The Artefacts that apply these buffs can be obtained throughout the Jianghu, most commonly in Forbidden Instances. Using an Artefact will generate a number for the bonus given, and sometimes it can mean obtaining and using many Artefacts to achieve your desired result.

The bonuses from equipped Artefacts will only be applied if the related Meridian is activated.You can equip as many Artefacts as the number of meridians you have opened. For example, a Shaolin that has opened meridians from 5 other sects can equip 6 different Artefacts. Check out our Meridians Update to find out how you can unlock the 5th and 6th Meridians.

You must pay 10 Liang of either Silver or Silver Coins to apply an Artifact and roll for a new number - if you pay in Silver Coins, your bonus will change with each role, but if you pay with Silver then it won't drop any lower than its current value. Let's take a look at each Meridian's Treasure, and what bonus they give.

Sect/Internal Meridian Treasure
Max Bonus
Sitting and Forgetting Qi Gathering in Elixir Field


Stamina +30
Emei Hand Taiyin Lung Channel

Bee Jelly

Internal Power +334
Blissful Valley Three Jiao Channels of Hand Shaoyang

Devil Leech

Vigorous Qi +50
Beggars' Sect Hand Taiyang Small Intestine Channel

Ice Ant

Stamina +50
Wudang Foot Shaoyin Kidney Channel

Lingzhi Mushroom with Treasured Sword Spiritual Influence

Internal Power +334
Scholar's Academy Foot Jueyin Liver Channel

Ice Toad

Internal Breathing +50
Tang Clan Foot Taiyin Spleen Channel

Kongqing Stalactite

Body Method +50
Royal Guard Foot Shaoyang Gallbladder Channel

Red-Lined Cicada

Strength +50
Shaolin Foot Yangming Stomach Channel

Dark Red Pear

HP +500



Treasures are items that you equip to your character just as you would with weapons and armour. They provide bonuses to your offense, defence, and can increase the effectiveness of particular skills.

To see where Treasures are equipped after they have been activated, open your Character Attributes (C). Click the Treasure button below your character model and you'll see five new slots on each side of your character model. A treasure can be placed in each of those five characters slots on the left. The five slots on the right side are currently locked in this patch, so ignore them for now.

Treasures can be acquired from Forbidden Instance bosses, Jianghu Hero, and the Firewashing Platform event.


There are two NPCs that are related to Treasures, which you should familiarize yourself with - Pawnshop Keeper and Scalper. Both NPCs are located in the major cities and are located next to each other.

Pawnshop Keeper

Function - Gives you Pawn Tickets in exchange for treasures that you don't want.


Function - With Pawn Tickets acquired from the Pawnshop Keeper, this NPC gives you unidentified treasures of varying quality in exchange for your Pawn Tickets.

Upon exchanging Pawn Tickets for treasures, you will also receive some Lucky Coins. These can be used to obtain super high quality unidentified treasures.

Upon acquiring any treasures from the Scalper, be sure to check the treasure's tooltip to see if your character has reached an appropriate strength level in order to use the treasure. It would be a waste to acquire a treasure that your character isn't powerful enough to wield!