Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

Chapter 2: Immortal Legends

The thunder of war resonates throughout the valleys of the Jianghu, as the Mongolian Army invades the 16 Prefectures of Youyun. In fear of losing their land to the invaders, the Ming Dynasty is calling an army of volunteers to arms to face this threat. Both armies now march towards one another, lead by brave men and women who are ready to give everything to lead the people to victory...

Rally your friends and allies to fight on this brand new battlefield which will demand the teamwork, coordination and tactics of up to 48 players on each side to allow you to claim victory. Are you ready for the 16 Prefectures of Youyun?

Joining the battlefield

  • Click onto the "New" button at the top of your screen, go to the Prefectures button and click the first image shown in the box.
  • Alternatively, you can click the "More" button in the lower right corner of your screen and then click onto the little Horn icon  which will be displayed then.
  • Within the battlefield window you can choose to join as a "Single Person" or as a "Team", but it is not possible to join this battlefield as a raid.
  • You must have your 2nd Internal Skill at level 30+ to be able to join the queue for the battlefield.
  • If you leave the battlefield before it ends, you will not be able to join the battlefield queue for 10 minutes.

The Battlefield Settings

  • The system will assign players randomly to the "Ming Army" or the "Meng Army"
  • The battlefield contains of two different phases: Preparation Time & Battle Time
  • Depending on your Internal Skill level you will be divided into one of three groups: Novice Player, Intermediate Player or Advanced Player
  • You can accept certain PvE and PvP tasks depending on the group you have been allocated to (e.g. Transport Supplies, Take Strongholds, Kill Leaders)
  • The battlefield ends after 60 minutes or after the general of the "Ming Army" or the "Meng Army" is defeated.
  • Each completed task will spawn a coloured orb on the ground which will provide a boost to one of your stats. The boost will last until the battlefield ends, but be careful with the orbs you pick up, you are limited in how many can be used!
  • These are the available orbs:
    - Red = Strength
    - Yellow = Body Method
    - Blue = Internal Breathing
    - Green = Stamina
    - Purple = Vigorous Qi

Preparation Time

  • In the Preparation Time, players can participate in the following tasks:
    - Escort provision carts
    (Novice & Intermediate)
    - Take strongholds
    (Novice, Intermediate & Advanced)
    - Kill players of opposing camp
    (Novice, Intermediate & Advanced)
    - Kill boss of a neutral or opposing camp
    (Intermediate & Advanced)

    - Invade opposing camp (Advanced)
  • If you successfully complete a task you will improve your battlefield ranking which will influence the rewards you will get at the end of the battlefield.
  • In the final 15 minutes of Preparation Time, strongholds will lock and will not be capturable again until Battle Time starts.

Battle Time

  • The system will send an announcement when the battle is about to start.
  • In the Battle Time the occupied camps will start to spawn wave of NPCs who will march towards the enemy lines. The amount of NPCs spawned in each wave will depend on the amount of successfully completed escort provision carts tasks.
  • Three different types of NPCs will spawn: Soldiers, Captains and Siege Weapons. Soldiers are most effective against Captains, Captains are good in destroying Siege Weapons and Siege Weapons are the perfect tool to take out Soldiers.
  • Along the marching routes are NPC archers from both sides who will attack every enemy troops who come into their attack range. Players should try to take them out as fast as possible to avoid any large losses amongst their own troops.
  • The target of the Battle Time is to get to the barracks (final camp) of the opposing army and to defeat their general.
  • To be able to attack the general in the last camp you must defeat the officers in the other enemy camps.
  • When the final camp is captured and the opposing army's general has been killed, the battlefield ends and you will receive your rewards in form of tokens.


  • You gain reward tokens depending on the result of the battle as well as your contribution in completing tasks. The amount will differ if you have won, lost or reached a tie.
  • Tokens can be exchanged for valuable equipment, items and even Mount Hua Competition invitations.

School War & Treasures

While we have been talking about a new PvP feature we should also take a closer look onto an existing one: the School War. The School War takes place on every Friday and Saturday at 21:30 (server time) and last for one hour. The target of the attacking school is to take down the school leader in a form of a capture-the-flag combat to be able to steal the School Treasure of the defending school. Several schools can team up to assist the attacking or defending school.

The war will end when:
  • the one hour time limit is over
  • the school leader of the attacking school has been killed
  • the defending school leader has been killed and their school treasure has been stolen

School War Commander

If you like the tactical aspect within the new battlefield of the 16 Prefectures of Youyun you will definitely also like this new feature within the school war system. The actual school substituted headmaster can now determine a War Commander. This War Commander will handle the map within the school war and he will be able to make strategic adjustments to the map like markers (Attack, Denfense and Others) and label routes which will be visible to the members of his school. The War Commander also supervises the forming of an elite team to whom he can assign special tasks within the war. He will receive some extra rewards for his duties in form of Experience, School Honour Certificates and Qi Accumulation Pills.

Whatever your plans for Immortal Legends are - Don't miss these opportunities to enjoy Age of Wulin's in-depth PvP even more!