Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

Congratulations! You are now ready to dive head-first into one of the most in-depth, detailed martial arts MMORPGs to date. If you’ve already played through the tutorial, you’re probably wondering what now? What am I supposed to do now? Well, that’s what we’re here to help you with. If you have not done the in-game tutorial yet, we highly recommend it! Completing your beginner quests and joining a Sect is the best way to kick-start your Wuxia life.

Sects of Kung Fu

At a certain point in the beginner’s tutorial you will be presented with a choice of 8 Sects. You may choose one Sect, and your devotion to that Sect must be unending, as you may not switch between Sects. Here we will outline a few details worth noting when choosing your School, but for more information on how to choose a Sect that suits you and details on each Sect in Age of Wulin, click here.

  • Each Sect has 3 skill sets, each pertaining to one (or more) of over 10 different weapons.
  • While you can only truly master skills of your own Sect, you will be able to learn skills from other Sects by acquiring their secret scripts.
  • Combat focus varies from Sect to Sect; for example, Blissful Valley members pride themselves on their large damage output, whereas the Royal Guards’ rope skills focus on displacing and interrupting opponents.
  • Sects also have an individual moral standing, and punish their members if they break the Sect rules. For example, members of the famous Shaolin Temple are not permitted to drink alcohol or kidnap offline players, to name a few, lest they be punished!


Age of Wulin is a PvP-focused game, which prides itself on a unique combat system. This system accommodates equally for PvP and PvE playstyles, by varying between single-target and AoE (area of effect) damage skills.

Getting started in PvE is straightforward enough. If you follow your quest-line, you will encounter your first Faction Instance (which one you do depends on your chosen storyline). Faction Instances, like every instance in Age of Wulin, are best done in groups. Additionally, you will find a great many quests throughout the Jianghu requesting you to kill outlaws, beasts and other unsightly residents.

PvP penetrates almost every aspect of Age of Wulin. As well as being an open PvP world, where players are free to PK (player kill) one another (once their strength has surpassed “Novice”), Age of Wulin also sports heavy PvP integration in otherwise entirely PvE systems. For example, while playing the game you may be prompted with a “Jianghu Emergency” notice, this provides you with the option to invade other players who have challenged a Forbidden Instance and gives you the task of killing them. Getting started in PvP can be as simple as challenging your friend to a duel, or taking part in one of the daily PvP events, such as Script Stealing.


Age of Wulin boasts a detailed profession system, wherein professions are known as Life Skills. Life Skills fit into four basic categories, most of which heavily interact with and rely on one another. The four categories are Gathering, Manufacturing, Culture and Marketplace, and you can find a more detailed description of each Life Skill and each professional category here.


Guilds play a very important role in Age of Wulin. Guilds can grow, buy territory, make alliances and wage war against others. To join a guild, you can click on the “Join/Respond Sect” option in the Guild Administrator NPC’s dialogue. From there you can select a guild and click on “Apply to Join” to send an application to that guild’s leader. Many guilds have entry requirements, so be sure to contact a member of your chosen guild before applying!

Creating a guild is even easier than joining one! To join a guild, select the “Start a Sect” option from the Guild Administrator’s dialogue. Starting a guild requires 300 liang of bound silver coins. To create your guild, type your desired name and guild objective in the window that comes up, then click “Confirm”. Congratulations! You’re now the leader of a brand new guild, ready to leave your mark on the Jianghu.

Further into Wuxia

This is but the tip of the iceberg, Age of Wulin is a sandbox game with a great amount of depth and variety in the entertainment it provides. Beyond the fun that players can make for themselves, here’s a glimpse at additional mid-late game content.
  • Second & Third internal skills – Further enhance your kung fu with your Sect’s second and third internal skills! Each skill opens up whole new possibilities and new levels of power, allowing you to challenge new Forbidden Instances and participate in PvP on a whole new level!
  • Sect & Guild wars – Represent your Sect or guild in a vicious war! Complete objectives, defeat your opponents and enjoy the mayhem of Sect & Guild Wars!
  • Participate in events – Age of Wulin is regularly bouncing with players participating in in-game events, be it an active event requiring players to search out objectives or hunt our very own CMs, or more passive events that may provide enhanced Life Skill EXP rates, for example!
  • Forbidden Instances – Depending on your chosen Sect, from about level 15 of your first internal skill you will be able to challenge Forbidden Instances! These are not to be taken lightly, many will take a long time to complete and do not always guarantee victory!

Above all else, remember that Age of Wulin is a sandbox MMORPG, meaning you can always make your own fun! Create your own games to play with your friends in the Jianghu can provide endless fun, so choose how you play and make your own Wuxia story.