Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

Jianghu VIP

Jianghu VIP is a premium service that we provide for Age of Wulin players, for a small fee. There are many bonuses that are automatically applied to  your character once you acquire VIP status. These benefits include but are not limited to increased experience gain, more storage space, and additioinal loot for your gathering professions. In other words, your character will have access to a number of conveniences that will make your time in Age of Wulin a breeze! If you want to discover all the bonuses for becoming VIP, take a look at the comparison chart below!

How to become Jianghu VIP
You must have enough Gold on your account (a minimum of 30 Gold), for more information on how to get more Gold, please see the Top Up & Convert Wcoin section above! Once that's done, follow the steps below to enter the prestige of Jianghu VIP.

Enter Age of Wulin and click the Jianghu VIP icon on the top left.

Choose "Pay by Gold" to purchase Jianghu VIP.

30 Days Jianghu VIP Status costs 30 Gold (750 Wcoin). You can purchase more than a month of VIP status at one time.



Top Up & Convert Wcoin

How to top up your account

  • Go to the top up page.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • You will receive the Wcoin on your account.
  • If you require further help, take a look at our User Manual for top up guidelines, and more.

Any accounts that top up for the first time with certain method of payments (PayPal, credit card, Click and Buy, Hipay) will need to wait up to 2 working days. After the initial payment has been approved, all future Wcoin top ups will be instantly added to the account. Even if one has made payments on an account in the past, making a payment through a new payment method will also subject you up to 2 working days.

Convert your Wcoin to Age of Wulin Gold
Once you have refilled your account with Wcoin, you will have to convert them into Age of Wulin Gold.

Gold is the money you are going to use to become a VIP or to acquire fashion clothes, for example.

  • You will have to choose how much Gold you want.
  • Click on the "Exchange" button.
  • You will receive your Age of Wulin gold in-game.

Here is what the conversion page looks like:


To convert your Wcoin into Age of Wulin Gold, please click on the button below.