Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide


Age of Wulin is a free-to-play martial arts MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) set in a charmingly realistic representation of medieval China; with 18 “scenes” representing all geographical regions of the country - all presented with stunning graphics and available to enjoy right now in English, with French and German versions soon to come.

Thousands of quests, vast and diverse regions to explore, and over a dozen challenging instances make Age of Wulin one of the most expansive and ambitious free-to-play MMORPGs to date.


Real Wuxia Experience

You will not find elves, dwarves, strange monsters and other fantasy creatures here. Great care has been taken to create a medieval martial arts world that is so real, you can almost taste it. While the kung fu skills you can master are amazing and downright jaw-dropping – you can learn to glide through the air, run up walls, and across water – no weird monsters or magical beings will cross your path and disturb the image of a perfectly crafted, realistic online world, just as it existed in China centuries ago.

The Age of Wulin RPG experience is an adventure like no other. There are no classes or levels, you hone your skills in various ways and can easily become immersed in the breath-taking living game environment. 
Over 20,000 NPCs inhabit the detail-rich landscapes, cities and villages, but they don’t just stand around – they live their own lives, have their own personalities and react to your actions in sometimes surprising ways.


NPCs and Random Encounters

Every NPC forms their own opinion about you, depending on their own nature and your actions – so don’t bump into them or knock them over, they may get angry!

Once you’ve created a big enough impression, be it in a positive or even a negative way, they may give you a special errand or item which may lead you to experience one of the unique Random Encounters. There are a vast number of Random Encounters hidden throughout the game, and they can play out differently for each individual player. 

Each encounter is highly sought after, since many rare items and skills can be obtained through them. It is entirely possible that you could gain a unique ability that no one else in the game will manage to get!

Kung fu weapons & skills

You are born into a rich martial arts culture where you can choose your own path to becoming a master. You can decide your own origin story, and then join one of eight schools of kung fu – each with their own philosophy, moral orientation and specialist martial arts discipline. Here you will learn and practice your skills; however, like a true scholar, you can travel and learn skills from other schools to gain more abilities and become a true master!

Whether your preferred weapon is a shimmering blade, double daggers, a stick, simply your fists, or even hidden darts to eliminate your enemies from the shadows… There is a myriad of ways to battle it out in this immersive online experience. Fights are not won by monotonously pushing buttons – they are built around a metaphorical rock-paper-scissors system, so you will have to watch your opponents and anticipate their moves, leading to very dynamic encounters.


Professions and Offline System

You can take up a number of professions, which range from the more common blacksmith or hunter to something more original, such as painter, beggar, musician, or chess player. Each profession brings its own benefits – an experienced chess player may prove advantageous to his group in a fight with his/her acquired tactical skills, where a skilled divinator may provide his/her friends with incredible experience bonuses. The opportunities are endless!

It doesn’t all end when you log out of this RPG either. Your character remains in the world and will continue training skills, selling items or producing goods, effectively becoming an NPC to everyone else on the server. Other players can interact with him or her, and can even abduct you to sell you for their own profit! This isn’t just online gaming; Age of Wulin is true role-playing.


Guilds, PvP and PvE 

It is not advisable to journey through Age of Wulin’s Jianghu alone, so how about forming a guild? Guilds can purchase a guild castle and expand it as their influence expands; guild castles are part of the open world and can be visited by all. But as there are only a limited number of these castles available, other guilds may try to conquer yours and challenge you to a battle. These guild battles can see hundreds of members on each side, making them truly epic events. The system also prevents moonshine raids, so no need to stay up all night for defence!

There is plenty to offer for smaller groups too. Fights between 2, 4 or 6 players result in a more tactical approach, where you can utilise your skills to your full advantage – either by battling it out on the water’s surface, or by fleeing over the rooftops to avoid certain defeat under the hands of stronger or more numerous opposition. If you enjoy cooperative play against a common enemy, a range of quests and instances present you with challenges on many different levels of difficulty.

Play for free!

This is but the tip of the iceberg, a mere fraction of the features to grace Age of Wulin, one of the most anticipated martial arts MMORPGs to date.

Age of Wulin is currently available in English (with French and German versions coming soon) for download on the gPotato portal right now! If you are new to MMORPGs, this online martial arts game will guide you in taking your first steps into the exciting world of medieval Chinese kung fu – but if you are an experience MMORPG player, get ready to be blown away by the ingenious and innovative features which can only be found in Age of Wulin.

Best of all, it’s completely free!

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