Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide

What are Meridians, and why do they matter?
Meridians play a crucial role of your Age of Wulin character development, and are important to have an understanding of and cultivate from an early level. Meridians, like Internal Skills, give a boost to your base stats when activated. The stat bonuses given include HP, Strength, Internal and External Skill Critical Hit Values, Yin or Yang defence and much more. There are 9 total Meridians that can be cultivated, each possessing unique attributes designed to complement certain playstyles and Sects.

Below you can find the Meridians window (found by loading the Skills menu (K) and clicking on the lowest of the 5 tabs on the left-hand side) with information on what each section represents.

A. The list of each available Meridian
B. Acupoints of the selected Meridian
C. Information on how many circles of this Meridian have been opened, and how many can be opened in total, plus the button to Activate/Close the Meridian.
D. Slot for artifacts that provide Meridian enhancements.
E. A graphical representation of the Meridian and how it affects the body, with circles showing your levelling progress.
F. Feature not yet implemented.
G. The Martial Arts Skill Bar is where you activate Martial Arts Skills, you can do this by unlocking slots and then dragging the icon of your desired Martial Arts Skill onto a slot, then clicking on “Confirm”.

A diagram of what's on the Meridians menu is all well and good, but what does any of it mean? Let's take a brief look at some of the terminology used above.

Acupoints- Acupoints provide more Martial Arts Skill Points, and are unlocked as you level up Sect Internal Skills.
Meridian circles - Circles represent your levelling progress for the selected Meridian.
Artifacts - Give a permanent bonus effect to your Meridians!
Martial Arts Skills - These allow specific combos in Sect skill sets to be made without a cooldown between skills.

What do I do with Meridians?
Each of the 9 Meridians are associated with a Sect (excluding Qi Gathering in Elixir Field, which is associated with Sitting and Forgetting). The 9 Meridians and their related Sects are as follows.

Many Sects' Meridians complement one another, where they share similar stat bonuses that are beneficial to each individual fighting style. Players can even assemble their own custom Meridian builds to bring something new to the table. One example of complementing styles is Shaolin's Foot Yangming Stomach Meridian and Royal Guards' Foot Shaoyang Gallbladder Channel, both providing slightly varying health, defence and External Skill damage-based bonuses. Players can have up to 3 Meridians active normally, and by completing certain tasks they can unlock a 4th Meridian activation slot.

How do I level up my Meridians?
The force that levels Meridians in Age of Wulin is Qi. Qi is somewhat like experience or cultivation for your Meridians, as you gain more Qi from combat, spying, and just about anything that gives you regular experience in the Jianghu. There is a daily limit for Qi gain, which scales based on your Internal Skill progress. Qi also goes directly into the Meridian you choose to cultivate, in a more direct manner than leveling skills.

The extent to which you can level your Meridians depends on your Internal Skill progress in the represented Sect. For example, if you are playing a Shaolin and wish to level your Royal Guard Meridians, you will need to obtain Royal Guard Internal Skills to level them to their full potential. Levelling Internal Skills also unlocks Acupoints in the Meridians, which will be explained in more detail below, in the Martial Arts Skill Points section. For now, let's look at what is needed to unlock Acupoints and new level caps on Meridians.

  • The first Acupoint is unlocked when the represented Sect's 1st Internal Skill reaches level 25; after opening it, a player will be able to cultivate that Meridian up to its 36th Circle.
  • The second Acupoint is unlocked when the represented Sect's 2nd Internal Skill reaches level 20; after opening it, a player will be able to cultivate that Meridian up to its 72nd Circle.
  • The third Acupoint is unlocked when the represented Sect's 3rd Internal Skill reaches level 20; after opening it, a player will be able to cultivate that Meridian up to its 108th Circle.
  • The fourth Acupoint is unlocked when the represented Sect's 4th Internal Skill reaches level 30; after opening it, a player will be able to cultivate that Meridian up to its 144th Circle.

Let's look closer at the example mentioned above. Let's say player "Wuxia" is a Shaolin who has reached level 36 of his 3rd Internal Skill, and thus unlocked 108 Circles on his Foot Yangming Stomach Channel. Wuxia cultivates his Meridians, hitting that 108th Circle, but now what? Next Wuxia wants to level his Royal Guard Meridian - the Foot Shaoyang Gallbladder Channel - and in order to do this, he must obtain Xuanyuan Classic, Tianchan Skill and Seven-Kill Classic (Royal Guard 1st, 2nd and 3rd Internal Skills) and cultivate them to levels 25, 20 and 20 respectively in order to unlock the full 108 Circles.

Martial Arts Skill Points
The final benefit of Meridians that we will be mentioning in this guide is Martial Arts Skill Points. Using the Acupoints mentioned above, a player can receive Martial Arts Skill Points, which can then be used to unlock Martial Arts Skills - unique abilities that let the player remove the cooldown between certain skills in the given skill set. This system provides a direct and beneficial reason to level more Internal Skills, as the more Martial Arts Skill Points you have, the more slots you unlock on your Martial Arts Skill Bar, which means you can have even more deadly combos from Martial Arts Skills, expanding your skill pool and enhancing your diversity.