Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide

Think you have what it takes to be at the top of your sect? Settle it during the Sect Meeting (martial arts contest), where you compete against other players in your sect for the reputation that you are the best. Winning the Sect Meeting won't just be about bragging rights and rewards, you will become a leader that other sect members will look up to for guidance, so it's a big responsibility!

How to Join the Sect Meeting

  • Join a sect and move up from the novice protection
  • Obtain at least the third identity in the sect (For example, 'Bodhi Hall Disciples' is the third identity for Shaolin)
  • Sect Meeting registration takes place at 21:30 (server time) every Sunday

Sect Meeting Event

Prior to the Sect Meeting registration, obtain a Sect Meeting Enrolment Certification from the Sect Items Exchange Clerk. One Sect Meeting Enrolment Certification costs 30 Sect Honour Certificates.

On Sunday at 21:30, go to the Sect Conference Administrator and register for the Sect Meeting in exchange for your Sect Meeting Enrolment Certification.

You have a short amount of time to prepare for the battle. Pills and buffs are allowed, although items to regenerate life and internal power are not allowed.

You will start off in a free-for-all battle against other sect members who have signed up. Landing the last hit on enemy players will give you one point. Your objective is to be ranked amongst the top three out of all the participants, in order to move to the next qualifying round, Deacon trials. 

More rounds of duels will take place to determine who will obtain the new Deacon and Elders identities.  After the Sect Meeting has ended, sect members can vote for who will be the Leader. To vote for the Leader, open the Sect interface (J), click Sect Function, click Position Competition, and click Vote. A pop-up window will appear and you can vote for one of the two candidates.

At any time you can view the current sect positions by opening the Sect interface (J), and clicking Sect Position. Keep in mind you will only be able to view the rankings of your sect.

Depending on your rank in the sect positions, you will receive a special title, identity rank, and fashion. Representing and upholding the integrity of your sect is definitely something worth fighting for!