Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide

Recording a Video for the First Time

Do you dream of shooting your own unforgettable Kung Fu movie? Well now your dreams can finally come true, for Age of Wulin has its own in-built video shooting feature!

Shooting and recording video in Age of Wulin does not require any external equipment. You simply need to hit the ESC key to open system choices, and select “Video Shooting” to use the built-in video-shooting and recording feature. It is both simple and convenient.



Recording a Video

By clicking on “Record” and then selecting the corresponding storage list, parameter settings and recording mode, you can begin shooting your own video. You can also directly access the recording interface by hitting F11 (fast key). Should you wish to keep the screen clear once recording has been started, the video-shooting tool can be closed and will continue to run in the background. Once recording has finished you can choose to quit the tool. The video will be automatically saved to your chosen storage location.

The built-in camera tool can also deal with complex shots, or shots taken from different angles.






Shooting a Video:

The adjustable video-shooting tool functions like a tracking camera mounted on rails. A series of linked camera points are set up in each scene to form a sliding rail, upon which the camera can move to create tracking shots.

Simple shooting: In the “Key Frame” add one camera at the 0 second point, then move your screen position, and add another camera at the 10 second point. Click on “Play” and you will see the camera move on the rail.

Shooting simple environmental effects: In “Settings” change the environment setting to “The Sun Rising in the East”, it is recommended that the lens focus be set to “Controllable Using the Direction Keys”, then an described above in “simple shooting”, add two camera points, click “Play” and you will find that the scene environment changes. 


Feature Detailed Explanation

  1. Play: Shooting procedure from the original key frame to the final key frame. The procedure can be likened to a cameraman operating a camera on tracks between the start and end points of a tracking shot.
  2. Add: Clicking on the selected key frame or caption will add a feature: clicking on a selected key frame will add another key frame; clicking on a selected caption will add another caption.
  3. Edit: Edit key frame or caption Edit Key Frame: The key-frame camera position and direction can be reset. “Move to Current Position” sets to current lens position and orientation; “Adjust Angle” – clicking on the right or left-hand tabs for co-ordinates or angle will decrease of increase respectively the numerical range. The “xyz” in the co-ordinates and angle tabs refer to the lens position and orientation. Edit Caption: Same as adding captions.

Record: Opens recording interface.

      1. Set-Up: Sets shooting parameters. Environment, lens focus and display/hide camera features can all be set-up. Environment Set-Up: Prior to setting the environment, set the key frame so that it can play normally. To set-up the environment, select the corresponding environment name from the drop-down menu, and confirm. Hit play to see the results. Camera Lens Focus: Orientation of the lens when the camera is playing. Divided into 4 modes and set in accordance with the key frame. Settings Based on Key Frames: When adding key frames you will find that each key frame has its own camera orientation. “Setting Based on Key Frames” refers to the fact that whist the camera is tracking the focal point orientation will change gradually from one key frame to the next. Move to Next Key Frame: Moving from the present key frame position to the next key frame position. Move to Self: The lens orientation is toward the player’s character throughout. Controllable by Direction: When the camera is moving along the track, it can be moved using the direction keys. It is a so-called free camera

Configure: “Open” or “Save” this scene’s camera settings. Open your key frame, environment, lens focal point and caption settings or save them to a file.


The Age of Wulin built-in camera feature is simple to use, just by following these basic instructions you can shoot memorable Jianghu scenes and share them with your friends or the online game community – a few clicks of the mouse and it’s done! Directors! What are you waiting for?