Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide

Offline system

Your character’s story does not end when you logout. Your character will continue to roam the area you logged out in, learning new things, training your professions, and interacting with other players!

There are a number of different offline roles your character can perform in the Jianghu. They can be an official, bandit, salesclerk, waiter, street vendor, bellman, and more! There are also some positions directly related to professions, such as farmer, woodcutter, fisherman, musician, chess player, and painter. Of course you can also arrange for your character to do something else while they are offline, such as cultivating skills or running a stall.

The role your character takes up when you’re offline is directly related to your characters attributes and experiences from the Jianghu. Your character’s gender, profession, and location in the Jianghu will have an influence on the roles available to your character. For example, if a Wudang disciple is offline at the Wudang Sect Temple, they may cultivate Taichi. If they are offline in Suzhou, they may travel in the city, or become a Taoist in one of the Taoist temples there.

When you next login your Jianghu Journal will be presented to you, which records all of your characters experiences, including what your character get up to when you’re offline, including events such as being kidnapped. You will also receive information about any experience and rewards you gained while you were offline, such as whether you found any treasure or were enlightened on your travels. You can claim all of these offline rewards when you log back in online.

When you’re online you can interact with offline players in various ways, and they can all react to you differently. They may send some precious items to you; you can use some poison powder to daze an offline character and kidnap them, then sell them to an NPC for silver.


In Age of Wulin, if you are without money you could be compelled to kidnap an offline character and sell them into slavery. Although kidnapping people can be profitable it can also be a perilous endeavour! Not only could you be violating the regulations set out by the sects, you also risk being chased and taken down but the sword of another righteous player loyal to the code of Xia. This is just a teaser of how you can interact with offline characters in an unruly way, so check out our Kidnapping Guide if your inner demon is calling you!

Reward Offline Characters
Age of Wulin's unique offline system also allows you to reward offline characters. After successfully issuing a reward, your chivalry value will increase; the offline character is likely to have a good opinion of you, and may present you with a gift or sell you items at a discount. Good deeds will be remembered by related NPCs who will also think favourably of you – as time passes, in all likelihood you will trigger an adventure!

But how do we give the reward?
Firstly, you should right-click on the head of your selected offline character. Next, in the pop-up interactive table, select the “Reward” option. Depending of the status of the offline character, it may instead say something like “Donation”, “Gift” or “Charity”.

After selecting the "Reward" option, a secondary table will pop-up with varying amounts of Bound Liang to give them. After selecting the appropriate amount, a corresponding amount of Bound Liang will be rewarded to the offline character.

As the old saying goes: “Don’t think any virtue too trivial, and neglect it.” However, we recommend you are prudent with the money in your purse. Remember, charitable deeds are not measured by the amount of silver rewarded.

Offline Stall

In order to meet the trading needs of offline players and enrich the world of the Jianghu, "offline stall running" is an available function in the game.

Click the "Esc" key and click "Quit Game" to bring up the Offline Jianghu interface. Select "Stall" at the lower-right corner of the interface. Then set the appropriate stall to operate while you are offline.

The setting of offline stall running is similar to that of online stall running. The only difference is that the game client will be closed out after clicking "Start to set stall". The offline stall provides four different time choices - 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours. The system charges a certain fee for running the stall.