Advanced Guide

Advanced Guide

Monthly Events

Dear Xias, 

Below you will find a summary of our monthly events. Be sure to keep an eye on the news page, to see which events will be running in the current month. 


Login and receive gifts

Enter the Jianghu and stay logged in for 15 minutes, 30 minutes and then 60 minutes to receive a gift pack at each point! That's right, rewards for just playing Age of Wulin!

15 minutes - Large Heaven Undertaking Pill (x1),  Compound White Pill (x3)

30 minutes - Red Soup with Fried Fish Noodles (x1), Nine-Refined Nether Pill (x1), Multiple Refined Triple Pill  (x3)

60 minutes - Precious Treasure (x1), Repairing Tool (x10), Silver Coins (x50), Jianghu Token (x1), Xuanling Pill (x5) 


Double Books in Script Stealing 

For a while Schools will be in full stock of their valued Martial Arts Scripts! Each day of Script Stealing will contain 1,000 scripts per School! That's a total of 2,000 scripts per day!


Double Silver Coins Available in Practice 

You will be able to spend more silver when using the Practice Martial Arts cultivation method. All players will be able to use 200% of the amount of Silver Coins to practice Martial Arts. If a player already has the 200% buff, then they will get a 400% buff instead. 


Double Life Skill Experience

The amount of Life Skill experience gained will be doubled throughout the duration of this event! While the daily cap for Life Skill experience does not change, you will be able to get so much more done in a day. 


Prayer Event 

Pray and win rare rewards! Those who have recently returned to the game will be happy to know that new items have been added to the potential prize pool. For details on how the event works and what items you can win, check here


World Boss Invasion 

During the event period, 5 bosses will spawn in each of the 8 Sects at 20:30 server time every night. Group up, defeat the bosses and defend your Sects. Below we will give location information for 2 of the 5 locations - scour the Sect and find the rest!


Shaolin 907, 881 439, 314
Wudang 896, 391 231, 888
Emei 304, 340 510, -220
Beggars' Sect 574, 748 760, -60
Tang Clan 704, -401 631, 500
Blissful Valley 361, 613 562, 255
Royal Guards 249, 207 566, 381
Scholar's Academy 1012, 1294 139, 573

The group that deals the final hit on a boss will earn the following rewards:

  • Everyone in the team will receive 20 Repair Tools. These will be delivered via system mail. 
  • The team can loot up to 10 Monster Essences.

The Monster Essences can be exchanged for rewards, such as Ziling Pills and/or Worktables depending on the Monster Essences spent; be sure to visit one of the following NPCs: 

  • Li Long in Suzhou (496, 326) 
  • Shan Yue in Chengdu (643, 581)  
  • Ma Qisong in Luoyang (1015, 331)
  • Xu Ke in Yanjing (266, -87)
  • Shen Yabin in Jinling (1689, 1136)
Please note that the Monster Essences will expire two weeks after the end of the event.  However, the NPC will not exchange any Monster Essences after the event is over. 


Team Practice Bonus 

Performing Team Practice with your friends, guildies and Sect-mates during the Team Practice Bonus event will give you a 20% bonus in cultivating your skills! Now new players can truly join the race to the top!

*Event is only active from 8 PM - 11 PM GMT+1 (server time) during the event duration 


 Jianghu VIP Extra Bonuses 

Being a Jianghu VIP has it's perks! Those with VIP will receive daily & weekly bonusesfor their support and dedication to Age of Wulin! The daily reward can bring you wealth, cultivation and more! The weekly fashion reward gives you one random male and one random female shop outfit for free! The outfits last for three days and you even have a chance to receive unreleased ones!

*You can obtain the quest from the Etiquette Department of the Ming Dynasty NPC located at the major cities, which is near the "Ambassador of Award with Activating Code" icon on your map (M).


Privileged Jianghu VIP Gift Bag


Jianghu VIP Fashion Gift Bag



Practicing in the hottest days of summer 

You can receive a gift everyday in the Jianghu. Each day, players that complete team practice with a randomly selected form, will receive a generous reward during the event.

Accept the Quest from NPC Qian Fugui (Suzhou 486, 366), the Officer of the Ming's Etiquette Department, and complete one team practice, then go back to Qian to gain the reward.

Cold Green Bean Soup

All Attributes +10 for 60 Minutes


Mount Hua Competition sends you gifts

What is it & what does it do?

The horns of war roar through the Jianghu, as its best fighters will meet at the peak of Mount Hua in order to solve a riddle which was as old as every society: Who is the strongest? To celebrate this epic monthly battle, you are up for a treat!

How do I participate?

Talk to Lin Liang (Event NPC located at each major city) and receive the Mount Hua Competition gift pack. Good old Lin Liang is generous and will give every player who talks to him/her a personalized reward (if you are lucky, pills worth 2,000,000 Qi and 2,000,000 Cultivation, for free, no strings attached!). Everybody loves freebies, even Lin Liang! (Don’t be greedy: You can only do this event once!)

*You can only take part in this event if you have not done it in the past.


Lucky Star

What is it & what does it do?

Who wants to be a Jianghu millionaire? Well, don’t we all? From now on it's very possible, with China's National Lottery! It’s as simple as it can get: get a lottery ticket and you can be a lucky winner! Grand amounts of Liang and items can be won.

You can win the following:

  • 1 person wins First Prize, and gets 50% of the bonus in the day's prize pool, as well as one Mixed Meridian Changing Pill.
  • 2 people can get the Second Prize, and get 12.5% of the day's prize pool, as well as one Mixed Meridian Changing Pill.
  • 25 people can get the Third Prize, and get 1% of the bonus, as well as one Mixed Meridian Changing Pill.

There are many lucky prizes up for grabs. The system will select 10% of the players who did not get the first 3 prizes, then give each one a Mixed Meridian Changing Pill.

How do I participate?

  1. Open the red curtain event interface
  2. Have 20 Liang handy and buy a ticket! Go go, destiny is on your side today!
  3. Be lucky! 


What is it & what does it do?

This small but nifty event is for our VIPs only! As we all know, all things have been invented in China thousands of years ago, including Groupon! So this is actually the Jianghu’s version of Groupon with a Wulin twist! Sign up for the great item offers, and depending on the amount of sign-ups, you can save a lot of money! Cool offers, great prices: definitely worth a look!

How do I participate?

You need to be a VIP! Monday will be preparation period. Tuesday to Wednesday you can sign-up for the offers you are interested in. Thursday to Sunday will be the real deal: You can purchase the specific deal and save lots of money! 


Huohuan Platform Event

What is it & what does it do?

As you know, with Immortal Legends we have implemented the treasure system! By now you should already have found plenty of them, well, at least we hope! For those who are aiming for the biggest treasures: this event might be for you!

How do I participate?

First of all, you need to have your 3rd sect internal skill on level 30. Then get yourself a Fire Washing Platform (Huohuan Platform) from the shop (or more if you fancy). Talk to Qian Fuguievent NPC who is located at each major city, and donate your Fire Washing Platform(s). Qian Fugui is not only a ritual master; he is also a gambler. He will give you an unidentified treasure which can either be of Silver (4 attributes) , Gold (7 attributes) or Jade (11 attributes) quality!



Smashable Eggs to Get Gifts

What is it & what does it do?

Did somebody say scrambled eggs? Well, with our brand new Bejeweled event game you have to “smash eggs” in order to get fantastic rewards! Pills, boxes, and skills are only a few of the prizes which are available. Great fun for great rewards, and you are even lucky: If you fail this game, you won’t throw your smartphone against the wall! ;)

How do I participate?

1. Players can get Eggs (Fortune, Golden Dragon, and Jade) from Instances, Faction Challenges, and Battlefields.

 2. All players who have reached “Realized Potential”, will be able to take part in this event. Click Smashable Eggs to Get Gifts from the Red Curtain event interface.

 3. Minigames can be played for free 5 times per day. If you want more rewards, put more eggs in each time.

4. In a minigame, eggs cannot be moved or eliminated. By moving and eliminating the normal gems OR using Hammers, you can drop the egg to the bottom and break it.